This Pakistani Molvi Was Arrested For Hanging Students Upside Down And Our Madrassas Need Regulation!

The best way to live your life is according to the teachings of Islam. Every Muslim parent wants their child to learn the teachings of Islam and The Holy Quran so that the child spends his life accordingly. Whenever it comes to learning the religion, parents opt for different madrassas situated but what to do when faces known as the preachers of Islam become the enemies of it?

Recently, a video of a madrassa went viral over the internet and people couldn’t hold their anger. Cases of molvis badly punishing their students without caring for their precious lives are seen on the mainstream media every now and then and it needs to be stopped.

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Yet another similar video made it to the digital screen where a molvi was seen hanging his students upside down as punishment. Madrassa Taleem ul Quran Islamic Academy located in Sadiqabad area of Rawalpindi was under surveillance when the police caught this inhumane act.

Daily Pakistan

According to the reports, City Police Officer Captain Muhammad Faisal Rana had ordered the Superintendents of Police to keep a close check on the madrassa after the video went viral on the internet. The so-called molvi Noor Muhammad was then arrested by the police and was transferred to Sadiqabad Police Station. A strong case has been filed against him as well.

Hanging someone upside down for a longer period of time can result in fatal mental injuries and death too. The Rawalpindi Police did an amazing job in catching the sick molvi and saved many other students from his cold-blooded punishment. These acts just create negative aspects regarding religion in other people’s minds. Islam is the religion of peace and it should be taught as one.

Similar cases have been reported in the past as well which have now created fear among parents who want to send their kids in a madrassa. Many have now opted for home-based tuitions because of the rising number in madrassa cases. These type of psychopathic molvis have become a problem for others who really are true teachers.

The government and concerned authorities should launch some strict policies regarding madrassas and the student’s safety throughout the country so that the parents don’t hesitate in sending their children to madrassas.

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