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Living up its legacy and commitment to honesty, motorway police has yet again demonstrated itself as a mission-oriented division that cares about fundamental values of humanity and compassion as part of its core operations. A recent event has won not just many hearts but restored the belief in the system. With the current news circulating on social media, one is convinced of the strength of our system.

A story of a traveler who lost his valuables in a bus

Sher Mohammad was traveling from Lahore to Peshawar in a private bus service when he lost all his valuable possession. The bus stopped at one of its interchange and Sher resorted to a nearby mosque to offer prayers. Upon returning he found out the bus had left with all his valuable possessions nestled in, including hefty foreign currency.

It wasn’t until he contacted 130 helpline and narrated the heartfelt story that instigated a call to action. Sooner than expected, the department proceeded to take necessary measures through the involvement of the sub-inspector and obstructed the bus route. It didn’t take too long until the possessions were recovered. Soon, it was handed over to the traveler at the Motorway police Camp.

Though It might look like a story to some, but to Sher Mohammad, this might have managed to restore his heartbeat.

NHA playing its part effectively

The restlessness that he might have gone through was well paid off by people who remain true to their mission of delivering value by going the extra mile. It is beyond wonderment in a country, stories of hate, animosity, and revenge make rounds on social media, yet the stories of courage and compassion go neglected many times.

It is moments such as these that capture human hearts. And, instill in the masses a sense of optimism and belief that restores how honesty wins over any other thing. The government department has lived up to serving “Honesty is the best policy” in both their conduct and manner.

Such stories seldom make it to headlines considering there is a whirlpool of information already waiting in the queue. Yet, when we look into newspapers and online forums, we come across narrations that allows us to be grateful towards the competency and dedication of our citizens.

During these tiring times, COVID-19 has taken over businesses and the ability of professionals to act to their fullest. It is the devotion and commitment of heroes that addresses the plight of many. Kudos, to the Motorway team and its personals for showing conviction and commitment in such testing times.

We hope and believe such acts of commitment will continue to make rounds on all channels. We hope it will manage to bring out the real heroes on the frontline. More so, it is these firm professionals deployed in government divisions that still manage to paint a bright picture of Pakistan.


This story has been submitted by Noor Mehal. 

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