Motorway Gang-Rape Victim Shares How She Was ‘Reciting Duas’ On That Dark Night

Motorway Gang-Rape

Every soul is shaken to the core by the horrendous Lahore motorway gang-rape incident. An incident that has attracted national outcry with demands for greater justice for victims of sexual violence. You will be shattered to know the details told by the victim of the motorway gang-rape.

Abid Ali and Waqarul Hassan Shah raped a woman in front of her children on the motorway. According to the investigators, the victim left her home with her two children in Lahore. She was driving when her car ran out of fuel around 1:30 am. She called a relative and a helpline for the highway police. 

However, before they arrived, two men approached her car and broke the window. They took the woman and her children to nearby bushes where they brutally gang-raped her repeatedly in front of the children.

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Shortly after the incident, Lahore police chief Umar Sheikh became the subject of national outrage. He appeared to shamelessly blame the victim for the rape, saying the woman should not have been travelling alone at that time.

Recently, the police contacted the victim to record her statement. However, her family apologized for not recording the statement at this time. According to her family, she is not in a condition to record a statement.

The victim musters up the courage to narrate the heart-shattering incident herself

Journalist Fereeha Idrees posted a series of tweets. She spoke to the rape survivor and her family and friends. The journalist shared some more details on the soul-wrenching motorway incident.

Every word of these tweets is a stab in the soul of anyone who identifies themselves as human.

The beast did not even spare the children. According to the victim, she was only concerned for her children who were severely beaten up and were bleeding. She said that she did everything she could to protect them. Alas, she could not do much.

However, she still tried to console her children. She kept assuring them she was alright, at which, one of the merciless men hit her head with the gun.

“She was reciting duas and making her kids do the same. The kids were also reciting prayers.”

These beasts did not fear being caught as more than an hour had passed since she first called the police.

“Their intention was clear. They were absolutely sure of what they planned to do,” said the woman.

Her friend described the victim as a “scared like a chicken” whose eyes were popping out.

A friend of the victim told the journalist that she “cried and cried with her screams reaching the highest peaks”.

“None of us had the heart to stop her”, the friend told her.

Lahore motorway rape story is horrible. In the end, the journalist gave a heartfelt message to the girl and said, “The whole Pakistan is with you, you have nothing to be ashamed of. We will make sure those responsible for your pain are punished.”

Meanwhile, Punjab CM Usman Buzdar has promised that the two culprits in the case would be arrested soon. He also announced Rs 2.5 million reward for any information leading to their arrest.

It could not be more sadder and heart breaking than this. Rape is not merely an attack on the body. It is a violation of so many boundaries. It is one of those darkest acts of humans that defy any justification.

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