Opinion: Motorway Rape Case - A humiliating Fiasco

Opinion: Motorway Rape Case – A humiliating Fiasco

Motorway Rape humiliating

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This story has been submitted Sohail Sher.

The bizarre and horrifying event occurred has infuriated many. The intensity of trauma projected in the length and breadth of the country seems to gain momentum in days ahead. People imagining and putting themselves in the shoes of the victim is at risk of anxiety. They become stressed about the security of their loved ones.

As always diverged on principles issues, the general public proposes a yawning rift in this unfortunate issue as well. One opinion is that women should be empowered and the provision of liberty should be ensured by the state. The conservative side tries to cut off the diminished rights that were struggled to achieve over a span of time. In this case, instead of focusing on providing victim with rights; they try to impinge upon the liberty of movement. What if she was in rush of some medical assistance, who knows?

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Motorway rape case

A system riddled with uncertainty wasn’t ready to absorb the shocks. The gaffe by a controversial police officer that victimized women failed to take precautionary measures. How on earth one would know the fate he/she would be facing a few seconds afterward? If this was so, a rational human would never try to trespass the alarming zone. The world runs on the rationale. The Almighty has devised, so, one cannot instill the illogical argument to an unfortunate event. The motorway rape case is more like a humiliating fiasco for us.

It is baseless to debate the victim could have taken a different route and traveled on GT Road. Moreover, the officer went a step further by explaining that she should have checked her fuel meter also. According to news reports, traveling on the motorway from Lahore to Gujranwala (M-11) is completely unsafe for travel. There are no facilities and no presence of police patrol (PNH & MP). So, people used excuses to take the burden off the shoulders of the police and the government.  

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The state must take responsibility

The functionality of government in terms of the provision of human security hasn’t improved much. Bygone is the era in which we have always compensated such issues after an incident. But now is time to halt such inhumane injustices. It is, however, the pressure of independent civil societies, media houses, and prominent philanthropists that helped highlight the issue. Moreover, Imran Ali’s syndrome hasn’t faded yet. However, his soul has transmigrated and its simultaneous rise like a wicked phoenix from ashes has done more damage.

Zainab’s soul must be taking turns in her grave. The conviction of Imran Ali was, on one hand, a partial success. But overall, the system failed to remove Imran Ali’s syndrome. The state must take responsibility for devising a technique to identify these sexual-hybrid terrorists and eliminate such mindsets.

Organization to decriminalize mindsets is needed

An organization should be there which is similar in nature to decriminalizing the mindset of terrorists. The operational team shall be well equipped with a wide range of teams. A team that assists in identifying, analyzing, interpreting, and decriminalizing the evil nature of such insane criminals. The challenging part is the identification of people with a proclivity to inhumane nature among the public and rehabilitating their mindsets. In my personal opinion, setting such a setup will converge on many diverging points. This conundrum will be solved in a better manner. In case, if no remedy is applied this time more women will be at stake of barbaric human beings.

The state should take possible steps to put legal weightage behind the financial and psychological support of women. There exists no iota of doubt that the victim will be facing unseen psychological problems which needs continuous look after. The worst part is, God forbid, the children are prone to more risk and their future is at stake. May, my assessment prove wrong and the family never goes through any psychological imbalances.

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