Pakistani Movie Motorcycle Girl To Be Screened At Stanford University

pakistani movie motorcycle girl

The Pakistani movie ‘Motorcycle girl’ with an adventurous theme released in April 2018. The story is based on the courageous girl Zenith Irfan. It is written and directed by Adnan Sarwar. Ali Kazmi and Samina Peerzada are also a line-up of the cast. The movie became a hit because of its empowering topic and every Pakistani woman could finally see a strong woman traveling around the country. Even though, it seems like a simple topic to write on but considering how difficult it is for women in Pakistan to drive bikes, this movie got its hype.



Its current achievements are enough but Stanford University has announced that the movie will be played as a part of the university’s Global Studies Summer Film Festival.

pakistani movie motorcycle girl

Source: Twitter

It is in confirmation that it will be screened on July 31st. The Stanford festivals are pretty grand if you take into account the popularity of the university. Moreover, this years theme is ‘Earth: Habitat For All’. A nice and relevant theme that the world deserves considering how much the planet is suffering currently.

Zenith Ifran’s Facebook is updated with the news to inform everyone about her joy regarding the movie’s screening. She said, “AAHHHHHHH I AM CRYING WITH HAPPINESS RIGHT NOW. Stanford University is showcasing my biopic. My life story this July. This is huge. This is big news. I cannot even express my joy. I just don’t know what to say. This is unbelievable. Ya Allah tera lakh shukar hay

Once again, seeing a movie feature women in a positive way in Pakistan will hit deep internationally. This is why it is important to discuss issues like such within films as they promote positive representation for the country. People need to see certain taboos (like a woman on a bike) to understand the other person’s perspective. Nevertheless, ignoring the deeper meaning behind the film, you can always enjoy its fun and exciting nature. Moreover, what the movie shows might be the dream of a lot of Pakistanis that love traveling! So, there is no need to hold back and indulge in imagination.



Positive Reactions Towards The Movie:

Leave it to Hamza Ali Abbasi for the undying support. He perfectly grasped the message behind the Pakistani movie Motorcycle Girl and watched it just after its release. It is not new that such movies are surrounded by controversies but the right people will see through everything. He said, “Amid all controversies, when you find time, PLEASE GO WATCH “Motorcycle Girl“. Saw it last night & LOVEDDDD every second of it. Zenith Irfan is a worthy role model for our young girls. Please promote this film so we can look forward to such movies with substance & inspiration”

This user understands what such representation means to the female population of Pakistan. They said, “So those of you who missed this film when it was in the cinemas do catch it on TV! Patchy in places but Sohai Ali Abro delivers a stellar performance as the Motorcycle Girl based on the real life story of Zenith Irfan! Good to see a positive female story ARY TV!”



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