This Mother Threw Her 3-Months-Old Baby From Fourth Floor Of A Hospital Building And It Is Disturbing!

The world seems to be on its verge to collapse at any time. Every day we hear some disturbing case from any corner of this planet. Surrounded by issues that need to be addressed but no one to hear, humans are gradually becoming mentally weak and impatient. Wanting to get things done with the blink of an eye, that too perfectly isn’t something to cheer. No wonder what is happening to this place and where are we even headed.

Recently, heartwrenching news came in from the other side of the border and it got people in shivers. King George’s Medical University located in Lucknow, India is mainly known for its timely services and a healthy environment, nationally. Keeping in check the directions provided, a large number of Indians always have the hospital on their priority list.

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Mother threw her infant child from the hospital building!

Earlier this morning, it came into notice that a mother named Shanti Devi threw her ill infant from the 4th floor of the King George’s Medical University building. According to reports, the 3-months-old baby was ill since birth and was admitted in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit from 26th May 2019. The mother is said to be of age 27.

According to the hospital’s spokesperson Dr. Sandip Tiwari, the child was suffering from jaundice since its birth and was being treated well. The infant was in his recovering stage but the mother was stressed on his constant illness. The infant weighed just one kilogram at the time of his birth and was preterm.

The police investigating the matter!

Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) Vikas Chandra Tripathi stated, “The woman was rigorously quizzed as there were multiple contradictions in her statement. Moreover, she had been spotted carrying the child in her lap at around 5 am in the CCTV footage inside the trauma center building. She later confessed to having thrown the child from the window of the neonatal intensive care unit on the 4th floor as she was deeply troubled with his suffering.”

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Later, Shanti Devi’s husband Rajan Singh filed a complaint against her and she was then arrested for murder and concealment. The police have now sent the infant’s body for post-mortem.

People have mixed opinions on the incident, some are calling it postpartum anxiety of the mother while many are calling it an intentional work. Whatever it was, it should not have happened. May God keep everyone safe and far from evil.

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