‘Mere Agar 50 Betay Bhi Hote, Tou Is Mulk Pe Qurban Kardeti,’ Says Mother Of Lt. Nasir Khalid

says mother Nasir Khalid

The beauteous relationship of a mother and her child comprises of a bond so beautiful and delicate that it is loved by all humanity. Our heart breaks yet we warm up with pride, to salute the mother of Lt Nasir Khalid as she speaks and says good things about her brave son’s martyrdom.


Lieutenant Nasir Khalid embraced martyrdom in an explosion in Waziristan. The brave lieutenant was an orphan as his father had also been martyred a few years back.

Mother of Lt. Nasir Khalid speaks on this proud moment as she learns about her son’s brave sacrifice. Broken and in tears, the mother of this nation says she is immensely proud of her son, Nasir Khalid’s bravery and sacrifice.

“Mere agar 50 betay bhi hote, tou is mulk pe qurban kardeti.”

And wow! We salute this lion-heart mother and her devotion to the country. Pakistan is proud to have such patriotic and devoted souls. We are always going to be indebted to her and all those brave soldiers that have bled for this country.


Social media sends warm wishes and love for this proud mother of Lt. Nasir Khalid

Hearing Lt. Nasir Khalid’s (Shaheed) mother speaks about her son, Twitterati, and people on social media send their love, condolences, prayers, and respect to this honorable family for their dedication and love for Pakistan.

We share the love and respect for those who have laid down for the soil of Pakistan to protect it from harm.

Some are also sending their tribute to Lt. Khalid and his bravery.

Many are also dedicating national songs for them.

Many people are also sending their warm wishes and words of condolences.

In addition, this sacrifice is a silent yet bold message to all the enemies and conspirators of Pakistan. We are a strong nation, we fight and we don’t cower away.

Simultaneously, Lt. Nasir Khalid will always be remembered and his sacrifice in Waziristan will not go to waste.

Above all, we are in awe of this Mother of the nation, who stands strong despite the hollowness within her heart at the loss of her son.

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