Zoobia Meer Case: Mother Forgives Son Who Physically Abused Her In Viral Video

zoobia meer case

A social media uproar erupted when a man named Arsalan brutally beat his mother and sister in a viral video. Twitter demanded justice for Zoobia Meer and her mother as #ZoobiaMeer trended on the platform last week. There were many sides of the case where Zoobia, her mother as well as Arsalan’s wife came up with their version of the story.

However, now the mother has forgiven her son and his wife after facing beating and public humiliation. She has also urged Pakistanis to forgive Arsalan. Every Pakistani was enraged to see violence towards a person like a mother.

Maa toh phir maa hote hai

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One fails to comprehend how a fully grown-up son could even raise his hand on his own mother. The video surfaced on the Internet where he was seen cold-bloodedly beating his mother. Not only this but in the video, we can also hear his sadistic wife encouraging him to do so.

The nation is shaken to the core

Ever since the video went viral, the nation has been shaken to the core. Many celebrities also condemned the violent act. Police also arrested Arsalan after his video went viral. However, he was granted interim bail. After facing arrest and public humiliation, Arsalan also apologized to his mother from jail.

“I apologize to my mother, as well as mothers across Pakistan and all over the world, for my actions,” Punjab Police quoted Arsalan as saying.

Though Arsalan didn’t care about his mother and sister’s suffering, his kind mother couldn’t see him in misery. She has now forgiven him and took all the charges against him.

Arsalan and Bisma public apology

Arsalan and his wife have also released a public apology through a video where they said that they regret doing such behavior to their mother.

The poor mother earlier claimed that Arsalan is more than often beating them for unknown reasons on the statements and allegations put on them by his wife. She said her daughter-in-law is mentally ill and tries to make sure that her husband stays outdoors.

Zoobia claimed her brother and sister-in-law beat them for money and property. However, Arsalan’s wife Bisma denied all the allegations and said  Meer was actually the stepsister of Arsalan and was lying. She mentioned that the house was after the name of her husband. She also added Zoobia and her mother were living there and using their luxuries for free.

In what so ever reason, beating an elderly mother who gave birth to a son is not justified. Though her mother has forgiven her we hope and pray that he has learned from his mistake.


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