A Mosque In India Is Feeding 800 People Daily During Lockdown

Mosque India Feeds People

Humanity knows no boundaries and definitely no, culture, no religion and no race but to help others in times of need. During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we are fortunate enough to witness how people are helping the needy without any expectation.

Normally, the world has seen the Muslim community being humiliated in India by the extremist groups. Defying all odds, recently an incredible example emerged from the Mumbai city gathering praises online. As per details, a mosque in Mumbai is feeding 800 laborers daily amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Mumbai mosque setting an example

Such overwhelming scenes in these hard times sure restore the faith in humanity and deserve massive appreciation. According to an Indian news outlet, a mosque in Mumbai’s Sakina area is providing meals to around 800 people. The activity is being done to support people who have lost their source of earning and livelihood during the pandemic.

Mosque India Feeds People


The decision was taken by Maulana Atif Sanabali of Jama Masjid Ahl-e-Hadis after seeing the massive number of the poor deprived of basic necessities. Not only the cooked meals, but the mosque is also providing ration in nearby localities. Believing in the motto ‘nobody sleep with an empty stomach’, Maulana aims to help as many people as possible in these hard times.

Motto: ‘Koi bhooka na soye’

Speaking about his humanitarian mission, Maulana Atif said the virus doesn’t affect a certain religious group, but everyone.

“Like COVID-19, hunger is also a serious disorder and affects everyone irrespective of religion. Our motto is ‘koi bhooka na soye”, he added. Such amazing individuals sure know how to keep differences aside despite living in a conservative country like India.

Mosque India Feeds People


Moving on, Maulana Atif further revealed that the food was prepared in a healthy and hygienic environment. Moreover, the cooks adhere to proper precautions and maintain the social distancing criteria as advised. While Muslims are helping others, many extremist nationals are even blaming them for spreading coronavirus in India.

Unfortunately, its nothing new but still hurts to see the Hindu extremists brutally treating their Muslim minorities. On the matter, recently, Indian writer Yuval Noah Harari shared advice for the ill-minds. He appealed to the Indians to practice peace and harmony and avoid hatred against Muslims and combat the coronavirus pandemic together.


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