Most Memorable Moments from the Royal Wedding That You Would Want To See Again And Again

The royal wedding… It happened! The moment everyone was waiting for. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle finally tied the knot and undoubtedly it was one wedding everyone wanted to gatecrash. Megan Markle wore a classy white wedding dress that everyone felt instantly in love with it. The dress was revealed as she made her way into St George’s Chapel. Prince Harry looked nervous at first but later he seemed relaxed and happy.

Let’s have a look at some of the memorable moments from the Royal Wedding:

1. Prince Harry Being All Emotional When Meghan Walked Down The Aisle

It melted our heart to see the prince expressing his true emotions without caring about anything anyone else.

2. Prince Harry Lifting The Veil Up and Telling Meghan How Lucky He Is To Have Her in His Life

3. Prince Harry Reserving a Seat For His Mother, Lady Diana (Late)

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Goes out to show the impact his mother had on his life and the kind of respect he gives her.

4. The Eagerly Anticipated Royal Kiss

The moment when everyone welled up and ‘awwww-ed’

5. Celebrities Celebrities Celebrities – All Our Favourite Superstars Attended The Event

Watch the video to see if your favourite celebrity attended the event.

6. However, Some Surprised Us With Their Sense of Style

7. When Harry Decided To Select Diana’s Favorite Flowers For Meghan

It’s amazing to see how Harry made princess Diana a part of the entire ceremony through these small gestures.

8. When The Royal Kids Absolutely Owned The Event

9. When Harry’s Ex Attended The Event And Her Facial Expressions Became a Meme

10. When American Bishop Totally Stole The Show

11. And Of course, The Beautiful Wedding Vows

Ahh… If this doesn’t make you want to rush to your beloved and propose them, only God knows what will. We are completely smitten by them. It’s like witnessing a real-life fairytale. Let’s hope and pray that they live happily ever after!

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