Some of the Most Beautiful Pakistan Vs. India Cricket Moments That Will Make You Smile

Pakistan vs India has always been very fiery and the rivalry reaches its peak. It is always thought of as the biggest games no matter what sport it is and it always has some aggressive moments but here are some of the lighter and happier moments that will make you smile. These moments show that players and people from both sides have a lot of respect for each other.

When Mohammad Azharuddin called Afridi “Baray bhai”

Here is Azhar calling Afridi “baray bhai” who was at least 27 years younger than him. So cute.

Sehwag helping Shoaib Akhtar

Here is a pretty rare video of Virender Sehwag helping Shoaib Akhtar get up after the ball hit his foot and caused him a lot pain. You must watch this video twice to get this in your system that this actually is Sehwag and ask yourself that what went wrong with him these days?

Pakistani players helping Sidhu after he collided with umpire

Sidhu while taking a run bumped into Steve Bucknor and fell. Pakistani players rushed towards him and helped him get up.

Chennai crowd giving Pakistan a standing ovation

This has to be one of the best moments in Pakistan vs India cricket history. Pakistan didn’t win, the crowd did. They appreciated and gave standing ovation to the Pakistan team despite their loss. The crowd defied the expectations and won hearts.

Kohli giving Amir his bat

Virat Kohli gave Mohammad Amir his favorite bat because he promised to do so.

And here’s Musharraf appreciating Dhoni’s hairstyle!

Here is then president of Pakistan telling Dhoni not to get a haircut because he looks good in this haircut.

Younis Khan helping Sehwag with his helmet

source: reuters

Here is Younis Khan helping Sehwag with his helmet.

And we have Afridi hugging Yuvraj

source: PakPassion

So these videos and pictures show that Pakistan vs India is not always about fights and rivalries but these amazing and unforgettable moments too. The competition should not mean disrespect to anyone and players from both sides have taught us this.

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