Morgan Freeman Just Attended A Majlis In London And Everyone Is Surprised!

Morgan Freeman was seen earlier today at Al-Khoei Foundation, London, Queens Park attending a majlis. The news broke out on Twitter and got viral as people were shocked to see him at a mosque. Some thought he was there to pay respect to shuhada-e-Karbala, some thought he had converted to Shia Islam. But basically he was there for a shoot for his documentary for National Geographic called “The Story of God”.

But when you spot Morgan Freeman at a mosque, it’s not something that happens everyday and it is a big deal.

Here is how Twitter reacted to it.

1. Absolute shock.

Yes exactly, what is Morgan Freeman doing at a mosque that too on 9th Muharram?

2. Some didn’t know why he was there.

3. But some did know.

That he was there to shoot for his documentary. The Story of God.

4. Game over.

Morgan Freeman is Shia. His new name is Syed Morgan Ali Rizvi.

5. When Morgan Freeman chills at a mosque.

Here is Morgan Freeman chilling at a mosque. Kind of lost.

6. We all do.

Do we not? Yes we do. How amazing it’d be to listen to Morgan Freeman narrating the incident of Karbala.

7. Well some thought quite differently.

Iraq. Yes. Then he attended the juloos and did matam.

8. His new name is Mehmood.

Do you have some more Shia Muslim name suggestions for him? Drop them below in the comments.

So Morgan Freeman attending a shia gathering in a mosque in London came to all of us a shock. May Allah bless brother Morgan.

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