Less Crime Rate Would Be A Path Toward Better Future And Development Of Pakistan

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If we can give a chance to foreign country investors and provide the full-fledged security in Pakistan to run their businesses, firms, and units such as Chinese investing in Pakistan mega project CPEC. Allowing the investors in our own country for sake of betterment and bolstering the economic conditions of Pakistan in terms of business and trade. By this, we can get best out of our internal structures of public and private sectors along with the law and enforcements sectors.

Promising to other countries for their better security in Pakistan, and not only the selected districts and cities but also in the remote and rural areas of the country. This will affect the overall security measures in Pakistan at interior and urban level because providing security to foreign nationalities is mandatory and more accountable than the people of the own state. In seek of providing security to foreign nationalities the lawmakers will think of tightening the security of the overall state. Tightening security of the state will automatically reduce crime, robbery, terrorism and other factors which are affecting the wellbeing of people of Pakistan and also will raise the economic conditions of state.


Source: Pak Economy

Foreign investors not only bring their business here but will also raise the number of tourist in Pakistan twice than now. If one country is investing Pakistan, there will be more awareness of the respective country’s people about the Pakistan, this way people will not find any abstruse idea of not going to country surely they will try to reach in vacations with a lot of tourists. By this, the conditions of the country will increase in terms of development and security. Security is being most curial part in the development of any nation in the world tight security – less crime – more development. Security needs to save lives; people are losing their lives in huge numbers annually only reason is terrorism.

Terrorism is never a good sign for any country, yet it exists. Although by this we can understand, that terrorism is a phenomenon which can be analyzed, criticizes, measured, also is apparent in many countries but it is not easy to extinct sooner or later, by force or mitigation. I believe there are potential and enough courage in government, military and people of Pakistan in taking the decision to push terrorism to the minimum level that it be extant but to an extent, it will not be fully operationalized inside country or outskirts of the country. The tighter the security, the more the development of the state. All this can happen if we allow and give chance to foreign investors to invest in Pakistan, this step will also increase employment.


Source: pakistan.onepakistan.com.pk

Employment is being the central issue of states and the problem has exceeded in developed countries – one of the reason is mass immigration.
We are in better position to take control of the situation and increase the development of the country and tighten the security so that foreign investors would not produce any insecure feeling for their lives and wellbeing of business. I am an anthropologist and I strongly believe in change in nature of human being, that all the cultures in the world, before and then, have a natural instinct of well living life in their own land where they lived.

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