More and More Women Are Coming Forward With Their Alleged Experiences with Ali Zafar

Yesterday, singer and model Meesha Shafi brought forward a claim regarding Ali Zafar sexually harassing her. Meesha Shafi has been a contemporary artist and a popular singer who presented her claim yesterday. Social media is into a meltdown ever since Meesha spoke up.

However, Ali Zafar has absolutely denied all the claims. He further says that he would like to take this case in the courtroom for a fair trial. Ali Zafar also mentioned that he supports all those women who have voiced their grave experiences through the #MeToo movement.

It’s also appalling to witness Ali Zafar’s old tweets. We understand that they are old but in the light of recent events, it does raise many eyebrows and urge us to suspect a thing or two.

Now more and more people are coming forward with their claims of being harassed by Ali Zafar



Ali Zafar’s case is spread all over the news. It has struck a shocking wave among people and these old tweets call for a major round of judgment.

These women have taken the leap to present their own claims and we are absolutely surprised to see the number of instances.

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