This Customized Monster Wagon Will Put Your Prados & Corollas To Shame And Desis Love It!

Creativity level and sensible thinking run in the Asian blood. The level of innovative approach is way too high in Asians when it comes to their love for cars. Practical examples of vehicle customization can be often seen on the country roads. No wonder why Asian countries are so underrated when they are full of immensely talented brains. Keeping in check the quality of work, some time back a man from Karachi, Pakistan had gone viral after he turned his Suzuki Mehran into a Mini Vigo. If you haven’t seen it, check it out below!

Presenting you the Mehran turned Vigo from Karachi!


For all the car lovers, here’s another treat for your eyes. This time it’s Suzuki again but a different car. Ever wondered, what can come out if you neatly customize the ‘official family ride’ of desis? Yes, I’m talking about the famous Suzuki Carry. This guy looks a lot inspired by the monster vehicles used in the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise.

Recently, pictures of a Suzuki Carry which seems to be from India were captured by a photographer named ‘Anas Boundery’. The owner modified his Suzuki Carry into a monster truck and oh boy! The transformation is amazing. Car enthusiasts from throughout the country went crazy over the customization and praised the efforts of the owner.

Accelerate your love for cars as you are going to witness the most startling Suzuki Bolan ever!

Pakistan Drag racing-PDR/Facebook

Here’s the front view!

Pakistan Drag racing-PDR/Facebook

Just check out the sensible customization!

Pakistan Drag racing-PDR/Facebook

Totally different from the side too!

Pakistan Drag racing-PDR/Facebook

Check out the beauty!

Pakistan Drag racing-PDR/Facebook

Bohat hard bhae bohot hard. Just imagine this bad boy arriving at your place to pick your child up for school; just kidding! This can be an idol vehicle for traveling to the mountainous areas with friends. Well, hats off to the mind behind this stunning creation and the efforts put in making this masterpiece deserves huge appreciation. Previously, several other modified vehicles have also been the center of attention for the digital awaam.

Thinking of modifying your own car into something amazing? Share with us in the comments section below!

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