Monal Restaurant Premises Sealed After Social Media Outburst Against Chopping Of Trees

Monal Restaurant sealed after Chopping down trees for Expansion: DC Islamabad

Monal restaurant is under the spotlight once again, this time for violating environmental laws. Following the news that it is built upon army owned land, Monal has been going through some serious drama.

Now in an attempt of expansion, the restaurant management had started chopping down trees surrounding the premises. This unprecedented action comes right after PM Imran Khan’s ‘ten billion tree tsunami’ initiative. On one hand, the government is trying to plant more trees for a better environment, on the other, mass chopping of nature at Monal, Islamabad.

Here’s how people are reacting to Monal chopping down trees

Muhammad Hamza Shafqaat DC Islamabad also took to Twitter to shed some light on the matter.

He tweeted, “Premises sealed, FIR registered against Monal.”


Prior to this, an inquiry was also set which included the illegal construction of Monal Restaurant in the Margalla Hills.

Not only chopping down trees, but Monal restaurant is also accused of violating a plastic bag ban. Monal also stands in violation of national environmental quality standards (NEQS) of air, noise, and poorly managing solid waste.

In February, Monal was fined for using plastic/polythene bags after the nationwide ban. Monal remains one of the top tourist hotspots in Islamabad. People from all over the country come to the restaurant to have a meal with their loved ones. That, circled by hundreds of lush green trees in the area. Moreover, Monal has been a highlight tourist attraction for years, and Pakistan needs to secure such places just for that particular reason.

Monitoring Team checked the wastewater discharge facilities of the restaurant and collected water samples to ensure that the restaurant is in compliance with proper environmental laws and regulations. Let’s hope that the issue is resolved soon and once the lockdown is over, people can return to their favorite restaurant, engulfed by hundreds of trees.

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