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Introduction – Momina Mustehsan

Momina Mustehsan is a Pakistani vocalist and lyricist. She has done bachelors in engineering and mathematics from the Stony Brook University, New York, United States of America. Momina Mustehsan was born on 5 September 1992 into a Muslim family in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Her mother Huma Mustehsan is a doctor and her father Kazim Mustehsan is a resigned brigadier of the Pakistan Army, who is a beneficiary of Sitara-i-Imtiaz. She is a sibling of two brothers, the older one named Hashim Mustehsan, who is a doctor by profession and the younger one named Haider Mustehsan, is doing bachelors in political science.


Educational Background

Momina Mustehsan finished her O’Level and A’Level from Lahore Grammar School and later shifted to the United States for further studies and graduated with a double major’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathematics from the Stony Brook University, New York in 2016. Despite the fact that she lives in New York, she continues going to Pakistan on and off. She is wanting to do her Masters in Industrial Engineering. She is an engineer by occupation and a songster by endowment.



At Junoon’s twentieth commemoration, Mustehsan recorded a melody “Sajna” for their collection Junoon 20 in Volume I, the tune was composed by Ali Azmat and was a reward track on collection. In 2011 she recorded a song called ‘Meray Bina’ from an Indian motion picture called ‘Crook’. She did an interpretation of it with Saad Sultan. At that point she composed a melody with Saad Sultan called ‘Pi Jaun’ and that is the thing that got a great deal of consideration. Some way or another it got to Mohit Soori, the person who coordinated the motion picture. In the year 2014, she chronicled a melody “Awari” for Pakistani band Soch who moved toward her, without advising her that they will utilize the tune in Indian film “Ek Villain”.

Presently in mid-2016 when Coke Studio Season 9 was being considered, she was drawn closer by three makers. They inquired as to whether she’d get a kick out of the chance to perform for them.It was extremely overpowering for her since she was singing with extremely renowned singers. For her, it was an amazing privilege. Moreover, she was extremely anxious, she never got apprehensive for anything. In any case, she got valued a considerable measure once the tunes were recorded.

Momina recorded her first melody “Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai” for a sentimental dramatization film Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai in 2016, and denoted her Coke Studio make a big appearance as a highlighted craftsman in season 9 soon thereafter. She turned into the main performer on Coke Studio to have a three presentation melodies. Her first melody was discharged under group Faakhir, close by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan broke all past Coke Studio histories by amassing more than 2.5 million perspectives in one day, going onto gather 6.1 million perspectives in as of August 29, 2016 on YouTube (where the tune initially discharged before it TV on air), and more than 6.5 million perspectives on Facebook.In the similar season, she additionally accomplished under music executives Noori singing a two part harmony with Junaid Khan, and under Shuja Haider, collaborating with Asim Azhar.


When She Started Music?

When she began grade school in New York, she was supposed to pick up an instrument. It was a piece of the educational programs. She chose to take up the violin. At that point there was a talent show in her school and she was a participant of the choir. Everybody needed to showcase something. Her educator inquired as to whether she had something to show and she said that she didn’t have the foggiest idea. Also, her instructor told her that she sings admirably’ and that is the point at which she sang interestingly and afterward she understood that she had enthusiasm for music. The first occasion when she performed was the point at which she was in second grade when she sang before a vast group. That was the first and last time when she encountered platform fear.


Engagement with Ali Naqvi

Momina Mustehsan the singing sensation with beauty got engaged recently in the month of September, 2016 with a banker in California, United States of America named Ali Naqvi. He is a Pakistani Muslim. He did Bachelors of Arts, Economics and Political Science from University of California, Irvine.

The engagement ceremonial was secretive and unpretentious with relatives and dear companions in participation. Momina took to twitter to share the update of her engagement. Momina and Ali got engaged in less than a month after meeting each other as both the families adored each other to great extent.Despite the fact that they needed to keep this exclusive between their nearby family and companions, and commend this secretly, become acquainted with each other without pointless buildup and interference, but the news got all over. She solidly trusts that everybody has a privilege to remain quiet about their private life.


A Simple Girl

She does not stay aware of fashion trends neither she knows about them particularly in Pakistan. She loves wearing customary Pakistani garments when she is in Pakistan, and anything that feels good when in the United States. She does not have faith in brands since she feels that they are a misuse of cash. She runs with whatever is agreeable and sensibly estimated. Moreover her simplicity can be justified by the fact that she does not like the idea of becoming a celebrity or getting too much fame, she believes in comfortable and simple life as a normal person.She loves to travel to new places and wants to explore the parts of world. She loves to cook for her friends and family and she cooks in her free time. She has a secret crush on Justin Bieber. Momina is crazy about cats, she has many cats. Her icon in music industry is Rahat Fateh Ali Khan with whom she sang Afreen Afreen.

Momina Mustehsan likes humble, determined and self-reliant people. She loves her family and tries her best to spend her most time with them whenever she is free because she thinks that her family is the most valuable possession she has. It is seen that she is extremely enamored with her family in light of the fact that in a couple questions she has specified that she truly misses the time when every last bit of her relatives used to get to know one another as everybody has now gotten to be occupied and they seldom get together. Additionally, she said that she wishes to know her granddad as a man, who had passed away before she was conceived. From her answers, one can get a thought of her estimations for her family and how family situated individual she is, all things considered. She hates the conversations that are not constructive.

Her most loved Disney character is “Esmeralda” from ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ due to her heroic, self-determining and generous character. She hates pretenders and fake people, and those who lack motivation in life.

One thing that we are certain about is a year ago it was Gul Panra, individuals were going insane for and this year it is Momina Mustehsan, who’s Diva like looks and delicate voice made individuals fall for the sound track as well as her identity as well. She has given all females a head begin that regardless of what your enthusiasm is you can simply satisfy it so never abandon your fantasies, be engaged towards your vocation and you can simply accomplish what you need.


Momina Mustehsan is wanting to move back to New York, far from fame soon while she is arranging a far off instruction program for kids in rustic Pakistan in conjunction with a polio movement.On a T.V talk with, she advised that she is preparing to bring together distant tutoring strategies for youngsters in rustic zones wherever there are no institutes or a learning surroundings. She will present learning recordings, along with projectors, which would be given to the mosques in various ranges to empower youngsters to learn, from making roties to learning material science.


The web went insane and everybody got their eyes stuck to the video. The formerly chanted qawalli by renowned Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan,got a heartfelt version and maybe couldn’t have excellent than this. The work of Coke Studio in this tune had increased immense gratefulness amongst the music devotees..Be that as it may, the debutante vocalist got eyes of everybody. Momina is being filtered on web left and right, individuals are posting engagement propositions for her and some officially became hopelessly enamored right from her first appearance and expressions in the Coke Studio video. She is wonderful without a doubt.

The young lady has cluster of an abilities and a keen personality. She has an entire diverse rationality on thought of fame and being a celebrity. She trained herself Guitar, and began playing Violin amid her elementary tutoring in New York.

Momina Mustehsan is the most recent singing sensation in the nation. Everyone is discussing her, she is everywhere, in the news, via web-based networking media, in magazines, in meetings and wherever there is excitement. She has been adulated by many individuals for her coke studio debut song. She is somebody extraordinarily skilled. She is a basic young lady, who carried on with her life the basic way and has enthusiasm for music. She may keep on living that route on the grounds that in a very recent meeting she said that singing was not job to her, rather it was her obsession.

Momina’s online networking profiles are nowadays loaded with messages of gratefulness and regard for her ability, however so are they loaded with messages and remarks just adulating her appearance. Momina appears to have as of now recognize the way that her ability is in effect less refreshing than her excellence is increasing in value. As we said, the vocalist has a well-constructed reasoning on herself, she is not high headed about being attractive and appealing.

The most detectable thing about Momina (apart from her looks) is that almost wherever she goes, she turns up pretty much unattended, trailed independent from anyone else. She doesn’t utilize a supervisor or even a marketing expert.

Momina Mustehsan has a clarification for this. “I don’t think discharging number of collections characterizes a performer. I do music for myself and not for the masses. I’m not into being a big name or having individuals know or tail me. Really, when Afreen turned out and I was the main individual inclining on twitter for four days in Pakistan, it cracked me out. I’m an exceptionally private individual. Encounter, I don’t believe is just restricted to the item discharged,”

She even heard negative comments for herself from the general population for simply enjoying her in view of her looks and grins she gave during her presentation melody Afreen Coke Studio. For this she reacted smoothly “Everybody is qualified for their own supposition. I noticed many individuals discussed my grin, however sincerely I did not even grasp that I was grinning during the shoot. I was greatly apprehensive in light of the fact that I had never practiced and had never heard the melody before, I mean the new track, the way it was.”

As the melody got to be well known, Momina was commended for her voice, however individuals couldn’t quit discussing her looks. While many thought she should have been acknowledged for her ability instead of looks, there was likewise bashing of the artist who has officially shown up.

When she was asked to compare the Pakistani music industry and its Indian partner, an ethical and rational lady Momina said while she respected Bollywood, “I would state Coke Studio is straight up there in light of the fact that Indian music industry is only about Bollywood. It is for the most part business music and they benefit an occupation of it. In Pakistan in any case, the uniqueness is that everything is not exceptionally business. At Coke Studio, we try different things with the music and investigate diverse classes with a considerable measure of combinations.”

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