Momina Mustehsan Shares Everything about her Relation with Daniyal Zafar

Crowned as one of the BBC’s topmost influential women of the year, Momina Mustehsan sure knows how to use her powerful status. While the entertainer is known as a musician earning her name through Coke Studio, the talented lady tends to speak about subjects that need a lot of attention and given the influence she holds on people, she’s doing the job in the right manner.

Despite the tremendous amount of criticism Momina has been subjected to in the past, the starlet comes out to be stronger than before – interview after interview.

In Her Recent Interview for BBC with Fifi Haroon, A Lot was Shared by the ‘Afreen-Afreen’ Coke Studio Sensation

From her relationship with Daniyal Zafar to tolerance towards the minorities in Pakistan, Momina shared a lot in this interview in particular.

She shared in her interview that in early years of her life, she had an all-girls band and after that, she got her breakthrough in the Coke Studio season 9.

On Doing Something For Pakistan, Momina Shared How We Need to Focus on Ourselves First

Momina was questioned about her support for Pakistani team and then she shared how we always talk about what our country has done for us, but never about what have we done for this country. She then highlighted the rights of minorities aspect in Pakistan.

“To make sure that what is our right is also their right.”

On her Relationship with Daniyal Zafar, Momina was Very Firm on Shutting Down All the Rumors

Can’t a boy and a girl just be friends?” was the first thing uttered by Momina when Fifi brought up the rumors. Fifi joked about how Momina finding Daniyal Zafar may lead to “something” special, but Momina shunned that as well by stating, “it is not really that easy to dazzle me.”

On Sharing About her Engagement which Ended Earlier this Year, Momina Stated how She is Currently Happy in her Own Space

I am happy by myself. Zindagi mae aur bhi baare ghum hai Mohabbat k siwwa,” she said when asked about her relationship plans. She even mentioned how it is not right to limit a woman towards the identity of a man.

Additionally, Momina shared how it wrong for people to call Aima Baig ‘the next Momina Mustehsan’ as the singer has her own identity and she should be called by her own charisma and talent.

Given nature of mature statements given out by Momina in this interview, safe to say she is on the right track of being a symbol of empowerment in Pakistan.

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