Momina Mustehsan, No One Is Reducing You To Your Face

It was a day like any another day. I was scrolling through my usual selection of social media platforms. Jumping from Facebook to Snapchat to Twitter when I came across something so absurd that I had to turn to this and write my thoughts down.

Miss M.M, you are a singer that appeared on television. Before Pakistan saw you on Coke Studio, some of us had only heard your voice. And I’m very sure, of all the people who heard you sing, 80% of them appreciated your singing talents. When you appear on television, that too for a brief moment, you are either going to be loved or hated for a very few reasons. Nobody is going to go looking into your past and scaffold through your achievements. Nobody is going to dedicate time to research your achievements to better validate their appreciation of you.

I’ll tell you what people ARE going to do. They are going to appreciate everything that you offer them. And your debut at Coke Studio offered them your facial and vocal beauty. Accept the love. Accept it while it lasts. Because once these fans start scanning through each and ever word you say. Once they start critiquing you for every single thing you do. Once they start raising their fingers at you for every career related decision that you make, it’ll all be too late.


Give your audience some credit. Grant them the benefit of the doubt. I don’t know a single person who can stand up and say that you are not a good singer. With the few lines that you got to sing, everybody appreciated the sweetness in your voice. Stop spinning fan-love into misogyny. Stop perceiving the unconditional support you have amassed as objectification.

Your fans are not ignoring your accomplishments and neither are they “reducing” you to your face.

Love and best wishes.

P.S. I’m sure you’re enjoying it more than you’re letting us in on.

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