Momina Mustehsan Just Announced Her Relationship Status

Momina Mustehsan Just Announced Her Relationship Status And Here’s How Twitter Reacted To It!

Hate her or love her (like we all do here at Parhlo), Momina Mustehsan is undeniably pretty. And her relationship status is something all of the eligible bachelors of Pakistan are concerned about.

In, what seems like a rush and emotional outburst, Momina Mustehsan finally announced her relationship status. And it’s good news for all the Momina fans out there!

Twitter being Twitter, couldn’t just take the news and stand there idle. They took it as an opportunity to re-express their adoration for her.

in case you unfollowed her under suspicion of being engaged

Cure for his (and many others’) insomnia

many tried to dance on their chance (better luck next time!)

we, totallllly believe you! 😀

Aur aapka dil?

Then there were some who were just jealous

While this girl was just feeling left out

Which one of them are you? Would you like to “maaro a dance on this chance”? Let us know!

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