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Something’s Cooking Between Momina Mustehsan and Danyal Zafar and We Need to Find Out!

Last time we checked, Momina Mustehsan and Danyal Zafar were at peace, performing the stunning record of Muntazir in #CokeStudio10 that we still hum to.

But now it seems like the tides have turned between Momina Mustehsan and Danyal Zafar

Scrolling my Twitter timeline, I stumbled upon a Twitter war between them in full swing. Thought that it would be just another random celebrity interaction, but my word, this goes a long way…

Let’s pick up on what is happening here, shall we?

An apparent argument between Momina and Danyal has taken place and it has taken a toll on Twitter. Tweets after tweets; all you see is Momina-Daniyal, Daniyal-Momina as you scroll down, while we are like, “WHAT IS GOING ON?”

It looks like Danyal has had enough of desi food

But Momina says one can never have enough of it

Man, just look at that gorgeous grilled burger

But Momina brought something equally fascinating

Team Non-desi, call the banners, Danyal Zafar is leading the command

Momina is marching too! BA DUM TUSSSSSS

Considering the food, desi finishes a league apart in terms of tastes, ingredients, and variety. While non-desi has a different charm that we cannot ignore. It’s just like you cannot roll your eyes to Momina and like Danyal. So, how’s the debate coming along?

More celebrities have joined the argument…

Apparently, she’s #TeamMomina

And here we have Natasha Zafar hailing for #TeamDanyal

All the more reason why we are eager to see how the debate comes out.

Meanwhile, what Pakistanis on Twitter are up to?

The #DesiNoMore vs #DesiRocks debate caught the attention of the Twitter fraternity in Pakistan. See how people joined the bandwagon:

People are taking sides here

You can clearly see they are divided

Holy Moly! Where did this come from? Puts up a strong case there, eh?


Meanwhile, someone had to ask…

No one seems to give up

How do we settle this debate?


What shall be the consequence? Where will Momina stall? Where will Danyal settle? Will either of them spare anyone? Will there be a middle ground? What about the rest who joined the debate? How do we get all these answers? Pfft.


We are more curious to know where they shall settle if they are going to at all. Let’s keep an eye on Twitter to find out if the matter is laid to rest soon enough.

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