Momina Mustehsan Thinks Ali Zafar Should Apologize To Meesha Shafi For His Actions!

The controversy that has stirred up a storm on social media, has attracted a lot of attention from across the country and from those who live abroad. Yes, we’re talking about Meesha Shafi’s harassment allegations against Ali Zafar.

While the internet remains divided on who seems to be wrong and who might be right, a lot of celebrities have also presented their take on the incident. One of them is starlet Momina Mustehsan, who is siding with Meesha Shafi in her claims against the international singer.


This is what Momina had to say on her Twitter account:

“I too have been a subject of harassment, and this issue is bigger than just that of Ali Zafar. This is about the relationship of trust that men take granted with women. Very often, as we can see, women are violated by the very men they know, trust and often work with. It takes a lot to gather the courage to come out and say this, and it is my fervent hope that people will see that saying this is very difficult for any women…..

I have been reading one question frequently, “why wait so long before saying anything?” and the answer to that is, it’s because rather than shame the perpetrator, society at large trends to shame the victim. There is also immense social pressure to not say anything and keep matters like this private because some people may immediately question the woman’s character… “

Momina Mustehsan further went on to say that she thinks Ali Zafar should apologize to Meesha Shafi, regardless of what has happened. She said: “I would want to ask @AliZafarSays and all other men one question: do you think you have EVER, knowingly or unknowingly violated a woman in any way or form? If you have (no one is angel) I request you to acknowledge your fault, apologize unconditionally, learn from mistakes, and become better human beings!”


People responded differently to Momina Mustehsan’s statement on the issue, here’s what they said

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