Mom Who Dresses Up Her Sleeping Baby Chose A Pakistani Attire This Time And It’s So Adorable!

No one thought parenting can be fun until they saw the beautiful mother-daughter duo, Laura Izumikawa and Joey!

One fine day, the stay-at-home working mother, Laura shared the images of her napping daughter dressed in different attires of pop-culture on social media forums and the cutest baby (no exaggeration there) became instantly viral.

The mother continues to share images of her adorable daughter dressed in different attires often and the internet goes gaga every time she posts a picture. I mean, who would not want to hold this adorable baby and pull her cheeks?

Joey During Spa Treatment

Joey As Statue Of Liberty

Joey All Set To Participate In Master Chef


While the mother continues to dress her daughter in different pop culture attires from around the world, this time she decided to go Pakistani and that too, for a great cause.

Here’s the message Laura gave when she shared the image of her daughter dressed in Pakistani attire:

Today’s #JoeyWorldProject comes all the way from #Pakistan ???????? from our amazing new friend Maria who runs an non-profit org called Women’s Digital League (@wdl_pk) which seeks to empower Pakistani women by training and connecting them to online work. Maria wrote to me that they promote economic empowerment for women this way as “it’s really difficult for women in Pakistan to go outside to work.” “Through the Joey World Project,” she wrote, “I’d like to bring a softer image of Pakistan and show a new side of Pakistani women achieving amazing things.” She also wrote that she didn’t want publicity for herself or for WDL but that she just wanted to send this dress simply to do it for her fellow #Pakistani women…but I just can’t help but share about her and her incredible work as it inspires me deeply! Thank you Maria and WDL for all you’re doing every day. It’s people like you who stirs my heart and gives me hope!

Love How Laura Described The Traditional Attire Here:

This gorgeous #shalwarkameez is a version of the national dress of Pakistan and was custom-designed for Joey by Pakistani designer Sana Arif @seap.bysanaarif. Can I just say, WOW! This dress was made in pure silk and chiffon with adda and gotta embellishments. Gotta is a gold or silver ribbon that’s used in traditional dresses from the subcontinent including countries such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Adda got its name from the huge wooden embroidery frames that the cloth is fitted on and combinations of beads, sequins, diamantes, silk thread and mirrors are designed upon. The ring-toed slippers are called #kolhapuri and they go back to the 13th century and have made a come-back in Pakistan with designers giving them a more modern look. I believe the scarf is worn more often on the shoulder but I decided to photograph Joey with the scarf on her head because I wanted to showcase just how beautiful the scarf is. What a stunning piece of art this outfit is! I just want to frame it and hang it in our home! Thank you so much Maria and Sana for this precious treasure. You have no idea what this means to our family.

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Isn’t it just lovely to see how the tradition spreading outside the borders in such a motivational yet adorable manner? Thank you, Laura and Joey, for playing your role in something as empowering as this cause.

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