Lahore Police Arrests Animal Who Molested Innocent Little Girl On 1st Day Of Ramadan

Another vile case has come forward from Punjab, this time from Lahore. A man has been arrested after he was caught abusing a little girl on video. The video went viral on social media forums as people tried to catch the perpetrator.

As heartbreaking as it sounds, this animal abused the little girl on the first day of Ramadan at 12:00 pm noon. Imagine, what type of a human would do something like this to a child? That too on the first day of the holy month?

Animal abuses little girl on 1st Ramadan

The video went viral after it was posted on social media forums to catch the culprit. The video was from a CCTV camera. It could be seen in the video how the man checked his surroundings and then did the unthinkable to the little child.

All this was being done in broad daylight. With no shame, no fear – the man continued to abuse the little girl until she ran away. However, soon after, good news followed. The Lahore police’s swift response and action worked well.

This is what the post that informed us said: “Sabzazar: Lahore police arrested the Child molester who caught on CCTV camera was molesting the little girl in broad daylight in the street of Lahore yesterday on first day of Ramadan . The culprit identified as Waqas was arrested from Thokar Niaz Baig. The accused was a resident of Okara and was staying in a rented house in Hajveri block. The Child molester waqas fled the scene after the misconduct. Such animals found in society must be punished severely. #Justiceforeverychild !!”

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The man was traced and arrested from Thokar Niaz Baig. The culprit recognized as ‘Waqas’ hailed from Okara, Punjab, and was staying in a rented house n Hajveri, Lahore.  All thanks to social media users who kept ‘bumping’ the issue and the police who traced and tracked this animal at the right time.

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