Ministry of ITT Pakistan: The Underdog That Deserves More Recognition


In the race and age of technology, if a country’s bureaucracy cannot think out of the box for the alleviation of standards, something is drastically wrong. Thankfully, Pakistan’s Ministry of ITT is everything but a facade. With their mission to create a proper framework and more opportunities, the Ministry of ITT is doing wonders – but remains undiscussed.

Since the closing of last year, the Federal Secretary for Information Technology & Telecommunication (Ministry of ITT), Mr. Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui and his team have done wonders. Consequently, targeting the hinterlands of Pakistan to organizing school exhibitions, the MoITT has tried to cover all corners for the uplift of society.

Let us highlight some of their achievements that remain untalked about.

Providing internet facilities to South Waziristan

Ministry of Information Technology Pakistan

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The Universal Service Fund Company of the MoITT worked with one of Pakistan’s leading broadband providers Jazz, to provide Sustainable Development Project in South Waziristan. South Waziristan remains as one of the furthest from technology areas of the country, a place that has been marred with violence and bloodshed for decades.

In addition, through the USF Ministry of ITT Project, internet services in 411 mauzas of South Waziristan will be provided to around 640,000 people. Providing basic facilities of life to the people of South Waziristan also serves as the basic upholding of the National Action Plan.

Local manufacturing of smartcards and the 5G plan

5G plan Pakistan

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From 1G to 5G, the Ministry of ITT has remained resilient in their work of customizing technology as per user needs. A committee was established to start local manufacturing of local sim cards and smartcards. This, in totality, would help protect, monitor and acknowledge user data while also decreasing the cost of their production.

Furthermore, the Ministry of ITT also constituted a 5G Pakistan Plan Committee which is developing a proper roadmap for the start and sustainability of 5G technology in Pakistan. This, while also keeping in vire the spectrum management, infrastructure development, review of telecom regulation and 5G applications, when in use.

Supplementary initiatives for the public

MoITT federal government dr khalid maqbool

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The MoITT definitely has not been sitting idle with numerous initiatives for the general public. The MoITT constituted a Research & Innovation Committee to form and submit ideas that had been instructed by the Federal Cabinet. These include:

The Gov App: a messaging application that will serve as an alternate to OTTs such as Whatsapp, Viber, etc; this, for the communication within the Federal Govt.

A National Professional Networking Portal: the portal will connect Pakistani professionals from around the world to search for potential candidates who suit their requirements.

National Job Portal: introduction of a single platform for potential candidates to search and apply for jobs of the Federal Govt.

One Patient, One ID: a hospital management info system for the hospitals of the Federal Govt.

National Incubation Centers in Pakistan by Ministry of ITT

National Incubation Centers Pakistan MOITT

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Moreover, the well-sought introduction of National Incubation Centers across Pakistan by the MoITT under the patronage of Mr. Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui has served as a game-changer. One of the key players of this project is Adeel Ijaz Shaikh, working towards the development and expansion of these NICs.

NICs are at the front of developing and nurturing ICT Entrepreneurship in Pakistan, which has reaped fine results. Overall, 5 incubation centers set up have created 12,305 jobs, generating revenue of Rs. 1,068 million, committing an investment of Rs. 4,428 million. With 125 awards, the NICs have empowered over 500 women and created 120+ mentors.

Lastly, if you need more information regarding what the MoITT has been up to, check out their website: Ministry Of ITT Pakistan.

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