Mohsin Abbas’s Reply to this Cyberbully/Hater will make your Day!

If you’re popular, you have haters. This holds true, regardless of where in life you are. In high school, popularity would result in a bunch of people hating you for no reason but their own insecurities.

This example also applies to celebrities. Be it movie stars or social media icons, there will always be people out there who want to hate on them for their fame.

Recently, Pakistani singer, actor, writer and host by the name of Mohsin Abbas posted a video on Instagram, showing off his still-pumped muscles after his workout.

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#PostWorkout ????

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Buff as hell, right? He’s a huge fitness freak and one can’t help but be impressed at how he’s looking after his body. However, some random uncle on Instagram thought it would be a smart idea to poke fun at him.

His comment (now deleted) was supposed to be funny.

That statement is so cringy. Why would you comment on a celebrity’s profile just to body shame them? It is, without a doubt, a horrible thing to do. But Mohsin Abbas had the perfect reply for him.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Life is about how you interact with others around you and accepting their hard work and effort as something positive makes life easier for anyone. How do you know what troubles someone is going through?

Less than a year ago, Mohsin Abbas suffered the tragic loss of his month-old daughter. The amount of emotional strength needed to overcome that loss must have been enormous. I’m sure that he still hasn’t overcome it entirely. However, he is trying. He’s doing his job and is also taking care of his body, which is something we should be proud of, not make fun of.

Kudos to you, Mohsin Abbas, for schooling this man on his terrible principles. We are so proud of you.  Keep on being an inspiration for fans everywhere! <3

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