Mohsin Abbas Haider Recites A Sad Poem That He Wrote At His Daughter’s Birth

A child is undoubtedly God’s little bundle of joy repeatedly reminding us the He still has hope for mankind. The reason parents raise and sacrifice for their children can be summarized into one single emotion of love. Birth of your first child always holds a special place in your heart as it is the time when you experience parenthood for the first time through an adorable addition in your family. Mahveen Abbas Haider came into this year a month ago, enlightening the house of a man of many talents, Mohsin Abbas Haider and his wife Fatimah Naqvi.


On the tragic night of December 16 this year, he posted a status announcing the unfortunate demise of his daughter. Each person has their own way and capacity to cope through this tough time and heal.  Mohsin Abbas being the brilliant writer he is, has released video in Instagram where he is seen reciting a poem he wrote on the birth of his darling baby girl.


Bearing the loss of a child is anyway the singular most hardest thing to go through during a lifetime. With the death of a child so young, its hard for parents to finally make peace and emerge back to life. One can clearly witness the sadness overpouring from Mohsin heartfelt poetry where he for sure is still acknowledging the unimaginable loss that must have shattered him from inside. This poetic mourning expresses his love and grief also drawing a reflection on how the birth of his child impacted his life for good.  Our deepest sympathies are prayers are with him and his family.

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