Moshsin Abbas Haider Is Freed From Court Leaving His Wife In Utter Dismay And This Is Extremley Unfair!

In the midst of celebrity news and gossips, where several actors have successfully found their soulmates, some are seen struggling with their marriages. Be it something in favor or against, the ongoing year has definitely served as a roller coaster ride to some well-know face of Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

Mohsin Abbas Haider freed from a Lahore court!

Recalling the unsettled issues between the famous actor Mohsin Abbas Haider and his wife Fatima Sohail, a recent court proceeding has fueled it yet again. As the husband-wife dispute was going on in the court since it became public, recently a verdict was provided by the court which wasn’t appreciated. According to a post made by Fatima Sohail (wife) on her Facebook, the court even after finding Mohsin Abbas Haider guilty, let him go free without any questions.

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This is what Fatima Sohail wrote on her Facebook after the verdict was given!

When Mohsin Abbas Haider should’ve been arrested, he left the court without facing any intimidation. To seek justice, Fatima Sohail is now urging Inspector General (IG) Punjab to transfer her case in hands of some non-corrupt officer who isn’t on Haider’s side. Further, she wrote that Mohsin Abbas Haider should immediately be taken in custody as he is not on bail anymore.

When the issue became public!

Earlier this year, Mohsin Abbas Haider’s wife went public after she was being abused domestically for so long. After the issue caught heat, Mohsin Abbas Haider denied allegations of abuse and cheating on his wife and revealed details about her instead in an emergency press conference. Moreover, model Nazish Jahangir, who was being called out for having relations with the “Meri Guriya” star also spoke out.


Later when people started criticizing the model for having an affair with Mohsin Abbas Haider, Nazish Jahangir replied to the allegations in anger. Caught in the mess, the actor was also fired from the famous TV show ‘Mazaqraat’ as it came to the reputation of the channel airing it. Even the media industry stood up against Mohsin Abbas Haider and favoured his wife Fatima Sohail.

Well, the court hasn’t provided any statement after Fatima Sohail’s accusations yet.

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