Mohsin Abbas Haider Denies Allegations Of Abuse & Cheating On His Wife, Reveals Details About Her!

These days the only thing coming out of Pakistan’s entertainment industry is negativity. Either someone is harassing other coworkers or some sick man is showing his true ethical standards by laying hands on his woman. It seems like the glamorous world had been carrying some really problematic minds in it and people had started adoring them for what they show on-screen.

The controversial scenario of Mohsin Abbas Haider and his wife Fatema Sohail!

As of now, everyone knows about Mohsin Abbas Haider and his wife Fatema Sohail’s case. Earlier this week, a post was made by Fatema on her Facebook which grabbed a lot of attention. In the post, she accused Mohsin of extramarital affairs and that he beats her badly. Some bruised pictures of Fatema were also attached to the post.

Later on, after the post went viral and a lot of hate was sent Mohsin’s way, Pakistanis were expecting Mohsin to respond to the allegations. Last night, the ‘Na Maloom Afraad’ actor finally called on an official presser in Lahore Press Club to clear the air and provide people with answers. Throughout the press conference, Haider kept his hand on the Holy Quran to make everyone believe that whatever he’s saying is just true.

Mohsin Abbas Haider denied all allegations made on him by his wife!

In the press conference, Mohsin Abbas Haider denied all allegations made by his wife and accepted that their marriage was ‘toxic’. He gave an open challenge to his wife to come to the press conference, keep her hand on the Holy Quran and provide people the truth. Furthermore, Haider targeted her wife’s character and that she would never tell him the truth. Even her relatives and family members were not happy by her social circle.

Talking about the accusation her wife made that he used to beat her while she was pregnant, Haider completely denied that. He said that the bruised pictures she uploaded are from the last year when she fell down the staircase. I am a Syed and brought up in a female-oriented family, I always believe that I have four mothers, my actual mother, my two sisters and my khala (aunt) and I know the importance of a woman so, why would I raise my hand on my wife? he added.

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Well, after the general public, Pakistani celebrities have also jumped into the matter and showed their support for Mohsin Abbas Haider’s wife Fatema Sohail.

This is what Mahira Khan had to say on the issue!

Actor Gohar Rasheed called Mohsin Abbas Haider a “threat” to society!

Hania Aamir gave a “#TimesUp” call to Mohsin Abbas Haider!

“You cannot justify abuse!”

“We are stronger than we look & we will fight back!”

For now, the odds don’t look in Mohsin Abbas Haider’s favor at all. What actually happened and what was going on within, only the husband and wife know. Let’s just hope whoever is wrong gets served with severe punishment.

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