Meet Mohd Yasir – A 10-Year-Old Hafiz-e-Quran Who Won The AI ‘Technology Award’ In USA!

10-year-old Pakistani kid along with his family won the AI award in America, for inventing cavity Crusher. They competed with 7500 participants and were selected in the final 6. Cavity crusher is a device that uses Artificial intelligence to monitor a child’s tooth brushing habits.

Mohammad Yasir who is also a Hafiz-e-Quran is an intelligent young boy from Karachi, he was able to make the device with the help of his parents and The Science Club Pakistan.

They participated in the AI family challenge, junior division, In the first world championship in Santa Clara, USA. The selections were based on how the devices invented by the families are helping the community by using Artificial Intelligence.

We Are So Proud of you Mayet Family For Being There for Your Kid And For Setting the Right Example:

Taking time out for your children and making them engage in positive activities is perhaps the biggest challenge parents face these days. Children only learn by example, so if you want them to follow a certain path lead them. And this is what Mohammad Yasir’s parents did. What could be more rewarding than cultivating healthy habits in your children and then getting recognition for it?

Sana Mehmood the winning family’s coach also shared her happiness with the world

So, What Made Them Think Of Cavity Crusher??

While talking to a news channel Mohammad Yasir said, he came across research on the internet that tooth cavities in children have become number one chronic illness in the world. This made him search for the reason, and he got to know it is mostly because children don’t brush their teeth for the recommended four minutes.

And the idea was born. Cavity crusher monitors if the child has brushed their teeth or not and for how many minutes they brushed them and send all the information to the parent.

Here’s an interview with the Science Kid and his family:

Naya Din – Science Kid

پاکستان کے ننھے سائنٹسٹ یاسر نے امریکی ایوارڈ اپنے نام کرلیا

Gepostet von Naya Din am Freitag, 28. Juni 2019

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