This Pakistani Meme Legend Was Found In Pak VS Aus Match And The Internet Is In Love With Him!

Calling this year a treat for cricket fans won’t be wrong as the ICC Cricket World Cup is going on in England. Cricketing spirit is so high that fans from all over the world have traveled to England to see their national team play and to support them. The flow of emotions, sheer disappointment and obviously, memes are serving the internet with for good.

Well, Pakistanis are not so happy with their team’s performance so far. From being labeled the most unpredictable team to being largely criticized, Pakistan Cricket Team deserve it all. Losing the first match of the tournament against West Indies was a served as a huge setback for Pakistan and it performed exceptionally well in its next match against the host, England and grabbed the winning spot.

Well, yesterday’s Pakistan VS Australia match was a total disaster for Pakistan in term of performance. The extraordinary bowling from the star bowler Mohammad Amir devastated Australia’s strong batting line and everyone was expecting Pakistan to win. However, the Shaheens batting line turned out to be weak and inconsistent as always and it was all win for Kangaroos.

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Amir leaving out all the rest!

The loss left Pakistani fans with a broken heart and a roller coaster of criticism started coming in. Among all this heated area, a meme legend was found who poured in laughter on social media by his show of emotions. Since then, numerous memes have been made, shared and laughed off on different social platforms.

Meet Mohammad Akhtar, who got instant fame after a catch was dropped by the Pakistani cricketer. Akhtar was standing right behind in the stands when Asif Ali misfielded. The expression displayed by the Pakistani fan said a lot about how he was feeling at that moment. Luckily, the expressions were captured and it became an instant hit on social media.

The best picture circulating on social media now!

This is the iconic moment when ‘a star was born’!

Most iconic moment of the match ?Wait for it ?

Posted by Ziada english na jhaar Eminem ki olaad. on Thursday, June 13, 2019

ICC’s Digital Insider found the man of the moment in the crowd and asked him some brief questions. Check them out in the video!

Mohammad Akhtar sharing his emotional trauma with Zainab Abbas!

Now, let’s check out the hilarious memes made on Akhtar sahab!

Pakistan Cricket Team, why you do this?

The Humorists/Facebook

This is phunny!

The Humorists/Facebook

Two meme legends in a single frame!

The Humorists/Facebook

This is expected!

The Humorists/Facebook

Amrika se aya hai?

Ziada english na jhaar Eminem ki olaad/Facebook

The Bonus One!

The Humorists/Facebook

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