Social Media Trolls Modi After China Kills 20 Indian Soldiers Using Clubs & Stones

Modi silent on china

Ever since India came under the rule of Narendra Modi, the country is in dire straits. Presently, China has challenged India and disgraced its army. Reciprocally, Indian media has nothing to say except for some fake claims and Modi is silent. Consequently, people on social media trolling Modi and Indian Media.

On Monday night, Chinese soldiers killed at least 20 Indian soldiers in a skirmish at Galwan valley. Following this, the Modi regime released no official statement and said no words of empathy for Indian soldiers; neither stated line of action against China. Had it been Pakistan, the Indian ruling elites would have given thousand of statements; with their pseudo claim of surgical strikes.

Earlier, Indian forces found begging the Chinese army. In short, India is facing immense disgrace for the last few weeks. At one end, India showcases valor of their army in Bollywood movies, and in reality, their government is too afraid to even speak against China. Consequently, netizens of India are quite depressed and are depicting their anguish against Modi and Indian media.

Modi silent on china

Source: Twitter

Although India media made a false claim of killing 43 Indian soldiers, it did not go well. As eminent Indian professor, Ashok swain trolled Indian media. He wrote on Twitter, “ANI has already killed 43 Chinese soldiers. Wait for a few days, ANI will also do a Surgical Strike and a Balakot!”

This is how people on social media trolling Modi and Indian media.

Pertinent question

This is what Rahul Gandhi says:

Deputy Director, Asia program Kugelman says:

Modi to step down!

People praising Rahul Gandhi and bashing Modi

LoL! the Indian media!

Above all, China has brought Indian forces on knees. The sharp tongue of Modi and his accomplices, which was once used against Pakistan, has become enervated to talk against China.

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