After Ladakh Defeat, Presenting Indians Burning Effigy Of Chinese Head ‘Kim Jong-Un’

Indians Burning Kim Jong-Un

In a rather hilarious incident, Modi supporters in India confused North Korea leader Kim Jong-un with China President Xi Jinping while staging a protest. Some Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers from West Bengal’s Asansol, seemed angry upon China over the recent deadly face-off with the Indian soldiers in eastern Ladakh.

The workers burned the effigy of the North Korean dictator confusing him with the Chinese president. The incident took place on June 18 and in the video of the embarrassing goof-up is going viral on social media.

A BJP worker in the state, while raising slogans against China and calling upon people to boycott Chinese goods, proudly said they will continue to protest against the country by burning an effigy of “China’s Pradhan Mantri [President] Kim Jong Un.”

However, as soon as the clip went viral, it led to a series of memes on Twitter

However, anger against China over its adventure with the Indian army has led to widespread protests in India. With a majority of them calling for a boycott of Chinese products and giving priority to India-made products.

Moreover, during a conflict at the India-China border, at least 20 Indian personnel were killed in a conflict with the Chinese military in Galwan Valley. The area is a disputed territory. It mainly comes under China but India also claims some of their rights. The clash between India and China erupt after almost four decades.

The border situation has definitely troubled the Indian Army. Indian soldiers were also seen crying over the clash. Also, they were once seen begging the Chinese military to go back to their territory.


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