‘Tum Ho Kon? Tumhe Janta Kon Hai?’ This Girl’s Pain Is A Story Of Many In The Modeling World

'Tum Ho Kon? Tumhe Janta Kon Hai?' This Girl’s Pain Is A Story Of Many In The Modeling World

When we think of modeling we think of glamour, cameras, and flashlights but attached to it like a kangaroo’s baby are allegations of harassment, casting couch, and promotion of an unhealthy lifestyle.

The world of modeling may seem dazzling but few incidents here and there surface which reminds us that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Recently a model has raised allegations against a member of a modeling agency. The guy in question was accused of harassing the model and using foul language when she stood against it.

Laila Hussain, a woman affiliated with the modeling world took to Facebook to share the incident with all to highlight what unprofessionalism models sometimes have to go through.

On May 14th she posted “(The accused) invited me for an unpaid shoot and then humiliated/insulted/disgraced me on the sets, just because I didn’t allow him to take my pictures from his personal phone.”

Picture courtesy: FacebookModels sometimes take on unpaid work to keep their portfolio updated. When she protested, the guy threw verbal abuse at her.

“He shouted words like “tum ho kon?” “Tumhe janta kon hai?” “Tumhari himmat kesy hui mujh se aesy baat karne ki”.

Laila further added saying “He was literally jumping at me and despite the makeup artist stopping him, I felt he would attack me any moment.”

Laila’s post went viral on social media

“All this because I refused to comply with his ‘demands’ of the shoots (that was to get clicked inappropriately whenever and however he wished),” said Laila.

He did not stop at just verbal abuse but had to take it one step further.

“He was even capturing me when the makeup artist was pinning my blouse! Can you imagine? Heck, he still has those pictures that I never consented too.”

Models are known to come across such behavior and egos. It is sad to think such behavior stands so common we barely bat an eyelid over it.

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At the end, Laila shared the reason for going public. She wants to show solidarity with all the women who face such unforgiving situations in their daily lives.

“Stating this to show solidarity with the women who have gone through such shit on behalf of the pathetic men of our society.
I really want him behind the bars, is there any way I could do it? I wish I could’ve made a video of how he was hurling at me like an animal!” she said.

“I’m usually a very strong and fierce woman but incidents like these just weaken me to the core.”

Power of social media

Social media holds a lot of power. Any individual belonging to any community, profession, institution, ethnicity, and gender gets lauded or criticized the same. it also gives a platform to people who have nowhere to go, no idea what to do, and what protocols to follow.

Laila’s post since it was posted received a lot of solidarity and appreciation for standing up against harassment and also witnessed support for Laila’s wish to see the accused held accountable and behind bars.

Owing to this the accused mother in lieu of his son called Laila to apologize for the mistreatment.

Laila later posted, “Okay guys he and his mum apologized, I’m happy and case closed. See its that simple.”

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