Mobile-photography: Incredible Tips To Up Your Game!

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Photography doesn’t mean having high-end equipment. Photography is basically the name of interest and the way to show how you perceive the world.

Today is an age of speed. We all are having a mobile phone. That means we are carrying a camera with us everywhere and every time. Just a click for a moment and post it on any of the platforms and it will perfectly describe the moment that you are sharing.



Mobile photography is an art. And Not everyone is an artist. Here comes a Pakistani Mobile Phone Photographer Hassnain Sagheer. Apart from every task in daily routine It is quite difficult to find time to stare at the beauty of nature and get some click on it. But Hassnain, Due to his huge interest in photography, uses his phone camera to pack the beauty of all those amazing scenes and takes some clicks. According to him, “Photography is all about catching those random clicks that can make you feel that past moment again.”

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What is Beauty?

A definition of perfection is found in his photography. The answer has been given in his clicks. Photography is all about capturing the random moment.



“Food is life” is a sentence commonly used by This Young Photographer. According to him, food is the best partner of the daily routine. As we all know today’s youngsters prefer food the most out of everything else and then comes the selfies but oh well. It is very common to upload the pictures of food over the platforms but it is not very easy to learn the art of clicking pictures of delicious food.

This guy defines it simply as the art of collecting the happiness all in just one click. He enjoys good food and takes snaps with his mobile phone. He, himself says “Being Foodie is an art done by a very few people” This is right because all people eat food but a very few enjoy it and take pictures to share over social media to tell the world that they enjoy good food and good life.

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So here comes another aspect of nature. Weather is nature’s gift to human beings. Some people enjoy the rain while others stand still to wait for it to end. Here, Hassnain says “Weather is an opportunity for us to know ourselves and to test our power “ Videography and Timelapse of weather is the best part of his photography.

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Dramatic weather ?#MobilePhotography

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