WATCH: Angry Mob Attacks Doctors, Healthcare Workers In India

Mob Attack Doctors India

There’s no doubt that doctors all around the world are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic with extreme enthusiasm. However, recently, things turned ugly for Indian doctors and healthcare workers after an angry mob disrupted their screening procedures and attacked them.

In this hour of need, doctors are fighting at the forefront, trying to save precious human lives from incurring any harm. But it seems like, some extremists are making the process difficult for doctors in India. As per details, recently, an angry mob of locals in Indore city of the country started pelting stones on healthcare officials while they were screening them for coronavirus symptoms.

Here’s the video going viral on social media

Instead of respecting doctors and healthcare officials and honoring them for their tireless efforts, they are being assaulted in certain parts of India. The team of the doctors was being backed by the police but that didn’t stop the angry locals from throwing stones at them. According to Indian media reports, two female on-duty doctors were injured in the launched attack.

Female doctor reveals details about the attack

The incident took place in Taat Patti Bakhal part of Indore which is also called the prime spot of the deadly coronavirus. After the emergence of infected cases from the area, more than 50 living families are kept in isolation, until now.

”The moment we started the process, the locals started hurling stones at us.” said the Indian doctor in an interview.

”We (health officials) went there to check the locals. The moment we started the process, they (locals) started hurling stones at us. I was there with another female doctor named Zakiya. We even had the district officer and the police force with us which is why we escaped safely otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to survive the attack”, the female doctor continued.

Furthermore, she said, ”In the beginning, we screened the locals peacefully, they were even responding to our questions. But no one knew what happened to them all of a sudden. We couldn’t see how many people were there, we were scared. Stones were badly hitting our feet. To stay safe from the angry locals, sir (district officer) just took us in the car and fled from the scene.”

Well, the exact reason behind the raging locals of Taat Patti Bakhal is still unknown but people are having different opinions. As per an Indian police official, an old lady of the area was to be taken to the hospital for medical tests which infuriated the locals. Eventually, the situation turned violent which forced the doctors to run for their lives.


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