MNA From Chitral Makes Fun Of Issue By Asking How Women Will Be Castrated If They Raped Men

mna chitral women castrated

The burning issue of the moment in Pakistan pertains to the safety of women. Last week, a mother of three was raped by two men on Lahore-Sialkot Motorway, in front of her kids. The decision of castration of the rapist was under consideration. However, MNA Chitral in today’s parliament made a statement on how women will be castrated for the same act done.

The mother of three was found by police, and since then, Pakistan demands justice for the victim. After protests across the country, the PM took notice and asked to present a bill that calls for the castration of rapists.

Even though the public opinion pertained to hanging the rapists, castration has been looked at as a favourable option.

Now, in today’s Parliamentary session, an MNA from Chitral, KPK, made comments that have stolen the limelight once again. Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali took to the podium and said the following:

“As Shireen Mazari said, that rapists should be castrated. I ask, Speaker, this law cannot be implemented. If you castrate a man, what would you do if women rape men? There have been numerous incidents where women have kidnapped men and raped them for days. How will you castrate women then” asked the MNA from Chitral.

These comments have not gone well with the public, and now, people are furious again. While the Maulana made these comments, prominent leftist Mohsin Dawar of the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement, sat next to him and laughed throughout.

This is how the public is reacting to MNA Maulana Chitrali’s comments on women

Even though the Maulana who hails from JUI-F supported the hanging of rapists, his insensitive comments aren’t going too well with the public.

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