After 54 days Of Turkish Earthquakes, Mystery Baby Reunited With his Mother

Baby Reunited With Mother

According to Turkey’s Ministry of Family and Social Services, a newborn baby who spent 128 hours trapped in the rubble of the country’s terrible earthquake in February has been reunited with her mother, who was originally ruled dead.

Mystery Baby Reunited With his Mother:

Vetin Begdas, three and a half months old, was reunited with Yasemin Begdas on Saturday, 54 days after she was rescued from a destroyed building in the Hatay province, according to Anadolu Agency.

The medical personnel who cared for her after she was rescued dubbed her Gizem (Mystery).

Derya Yanik, the country’s Family, and Social Services Minister assisted the couple in reuniting after their relationship was established by a DNA test.

“Reuniting a mother with her child is one of the most valuable undertakings in the world,” Yanik added. “It meant a lot to us to be a part of that happiness.”

Here is the Video:

On Monday, the minister shared a video of the reunion, in which the duo can be seen hugging in a hospital bed in Adana, where Yasemin Begdas is undergoing treatment. Her child was flown from Ankara, where she was undergoing medical treatment as well.

“Vetin is now our baby as well,” the minister stated, adding that the newborn will always be supported by the government.

Baby “Mystery” had captured many people’s hearts, with photographs of her rescue circulating on social media alongside those of other newborns and toddlers saved in the early days of the earthquake’s rescue attempts.

“The baby is a true miracle.” “The fact that she lived and had no health issues tugged at our sympathies,” Yanik explained.

The baby’s father and two brothers were murdered in the earthquake, which killed over 50,000 people, according to Anadolu.

In Turkey’s earthquake which is predicted by Dutch Researcher Frank Hoogerbeets, Almost 44,000 people died in Turkey alone, according to the country’s Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) in late February. Nevertheless, the crisis continues to affect almost 20 million people.

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