Religious Minorities Accuse Sindh Govt Of Discrimination Over Ration

Minorities Discrimination Ration Distribution

As Pakistan continues to bear financial and physical losses daily during the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, it is unfortunate that some religious minority groups are now accusing the authorities in Sindh of discrimination.

According to a video that is being shared on social media, some members of the Hindu and Christian communities are complaining that they are being denied of the ration and food Sindh government is distributing in Karachi.

Certainly, the coronavirus crisis has converged privileged Pakistanis and the government on one platform and they are working day and night to help them during the lockdown. However, it seems like the religious minorities are facing a hard time in getting what they also deserve. They are claiming that the Sindh government is giving priority to Muslims over them and not providing them with food supplies and rations.

Here’s what some members of the minorities have to say:


Unhappy with authorities in Sindh

Undoubtedly, the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus is causing mayhem throughout the world, especially in poor people’s lives. Currently, the Sindh government is garnering praises for building the world’s biggest quarantine facility in Sukkur. But as per recent claims by certain minorities, the authorities seem to be lagging basic humanity practices.

It is indeed a shame to witness such derogatory activities happening within the country. Speaking on the matter, a member of the Pakistani Hindu community in Karachi expresses his grief over the government’s negligence towards the minorities.

Calling out Sindh authorities, he said, ”Authorities are not helping us (Hindus) during the lockdown. The ration is also not being provided to us (Hindus) because we are part of a minority community.”

Minorities Discrimination Ration Distribution

”We (Hindus) only hear that people in our neighborhoods are receiving essential goods. My son drives a rickshaw, as the lockdown has suspended all services, he is forced to sit idle at home. We are running out of food supplies and also have no money. When we visit the ration distribution centers, they register us and assure that they will send separate ration trucks but, they don’t”, he added.

Christian community shares their stories

Minorities Discrimination Ration Distribution

Times of India

Adding to the matter, a Christian woman sheds light on the unfair treatment her community is facing amid coronavirus crisis. “We (Christians) entered the second week of lockdown and we don’t have anything to eat. We even don’t have any money to buy basic food supplies. This lockdown has disrupted our daily livelihood, completely,” she said.

”The authorities only visit us during elections to ask for votes. Now, nobody has come and asked about the severe problems we are facing”, she added.

On the contrary, there are many amazing examples of minorities in Pakistan being treated equally and fairly. However, the Sindh government must look into the matter if our minorities are mistreated at a time when they need their help the most.


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