You Can Now Become A Millionaire By Selling Scorpion Poison And People Have Already Started The Search!

Afghanistan manages to keep itself alive because of two major aspects, either its heated relation with Pakistan or its production of world-famous ‘hash.’ It is also said that Afghanistan produces the best form of hash and cannabis in the whole world and is also a huge exporter of it. Many will definitely agree with me and they know who they are.

Well, this time Afghanistan is again going to export something worth millions but its definitely not chars. According to reports, Afghanistan is now going to export ‘scorpion venom’ to the United States of America (USA) which will help it regain economic stability. Afghani researchers have recently put together a batch of licensed scorpion venom ready to be exported to the US.

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Here’s the full report on ‘scorpion venom!’

It is believed that this will be the country’s first-ever batch of licensed scorpion poison. Researchers say that the venom extracted from the scorpions can help heal various diseases and can be used in the making of antibiotics. Against the exportation, Afghanistan will get around 3.9 million dollars per gallon which will be used for Afghanistan’s prosperity.

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But all this will be needing a lot of patience from the Afghanis as a single scorpion produces 2mg of venom at a time after being milked. For a gallon, one scorpion will have to be milked 2.64 million times which is valued at 39 million dollars. That’s a lot of time needed to make millions of dollars from one of the most dangerous creatures in the world. The scorpion liquid is also considered to be the most expensive one in the whole world.

So, now you know how to make money from the deadly scorpions. Some are even saying that people have now started searching scorpions to export them to the US. Some time back, a news came in and it left people in laughing shock. People had started smoking and getting high on scorpions and it was something totally out of this planet (samajh to gaye hogay) and now Afghanistan is going to make millions out of it. Well played Afghanistan!

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