Bollywood Singer Mika Singh Has Made His Debut in Upcoming Pakistani Movie Parchi!

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You know what? Here is an exciting news for all Pakistanis. Bollywood singer, Mika Singh, has made his debut in upcoming Pakistani film Parchi, with his melodious tune! The song is not less than a sweet melody.

Ayee hayee Lyrics…

The audio version of the song has been released on Saavn but the video will be on the surface in few days. The song has very catchy and funky lines like “Teray Dil kay Engine main meray Dil ki Chabi Imagine”. With this sort of lyrics, I really hope that people will feel themselves in a sweet journey of Imagination of Love – “Hayee Imagine Hoye Imagine”

Keka Ghoshal made the duet Perfect Melody

Wait !! He has not done it alone, Keka Ghoshal also turned this song into a pure perfect duet. She has also sung many songs in Bollywood.

Hareem Farooq will be in the video

Hareem Farooq already impressed everyone with her appearance in “Billo Hai” from the same movie PARCHI. With her sizzling red ghagra and her dance skills in the “Billo Hai”, she has shocked everyone and we are hoping to see these dance skills in “Imagine Song” too.


A Sneak Peak from Behind The Scenes, During the shoot of " Billo Haaye " on the sets of Parchi.Link of Billo Haaye : #ParchiWillBlowYourMind #05JAN18

Posted by Parchi on Monday, December 4, 2017

Usman Mukhtar and Ali Rehman – The cute Brothers 

Source: Parchi

Usman Mukhtar and Ali Rehman are also expected to appear in the video and we all know that both are catching the attention of every girl out there. Let’s see how good they will perform on Mika Singh’s voice.

So Balu Mahi King has become a Choreographer!

Source: Parchi

Also, the whole song is turned into a great package when we found out that the song is choreographed by Osman Khalid Butt – Balu Mahi King, I must say. So, we are waiting for this blockbuster video song! Mika Singh with Keka Ghoshal, OKB’s choreography, Hareem’s appearance and most importantly, excellent visuals of Parchi, oh my god!

Best of luck to the Team Parchi!

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