10 Things Only Pakistanis From The Middle-Class Can Relate To!

Being middle-class is no easy feat, but it is not something people shy away from owning. You ask any person hailing for the middle class and they’ll proudly own up to it.

Being brought up in a middle-class home is truly an eye-opening experience, from joint families to nosy neighbors. From phuppo kay questions to dur daraaz wali aunty k weird comments. Being middle-class surely gives you some hilarious memories.

So let’s take a trip down the memory lane as we refresh our cherished childhood memories and for some life even today!

Everything is expensive

Remember your Mom or Dad commenting over everything you liked by saying “UFFO buhat mehenga hai!” and betting they can get it somewhere else in half price?


From that experience to us now judging every item on the planet over its price value.

Been there done that!

Balance kharach horaha hai, I’ll call you on Whatsapp

Whatsapp calls are both a blessing in disguise. While it is a lifesaver when you are out of credit or want to make long-distance calls, it truly becomes a pain when ‘Aunty gossip’ feels at ease calling you up at an ungodly hour for a chat Because you were ‘online’.

New nahe tou kiya BRANDED tou hai!

We all fall guilty under this category and anyone shaking their head is lying to themselves. We all have had become a mighty prey to the alluring Sunday Bazaar. Making that trip on a Sunday morning just because it satisfies your bargaining and boarding quirk.

Privacy kiya hoti hai bhai?

Whether you lived in a bungalow or apartment privacy is a luxury you can never afford. Think otherwise? Try having dinner alone in your room rather than will family on the table. Goosebumps right? Or forget that just try locking your door! ‘Shivers’.

Middle-class person’s middle name is competitive

Bordering on stereotype but it stands true to the core. You have been competing all your life. Be it for the mehmaan k leftover food with your siblings or who has the shiniest toy in the neighborhood. The competition runs in the blood!

‘Money Heist is LOVE’ (also because society says so)

Guilty of jumping the bandwagon under social pressure? We all have been there. You can’t have a Netflix account and say you were shedding some tears over Humsafar or Kbhi Khushi Kabhi Gham because “Haw! log kya kaheingay” You have to sound cool telling all “yaar Money Heist is lit!”

When you listen to Arijit Singh but your favorite singer is Beyonce

No matter is your jam is a Shahrukh khan Medley or Abrar ul Haq’s ‘Billo’ when asked you will declare your favorite singer to be any angrez. Kyn kay angrez chalegay, angrezi’ ka complex chor kay!

2 Tablespoon gossip sham kii chai k sath!

Gossip is an essential part of any middle class raised person. It is true that the itch of gossiping falls beyond classes.But for now apni hi baat karlete hein. If your family isn’t gossiping there is truly something wrong. Or you could be aliens invading Earth pretending to be humans. If that is the case. Update your software ASAP.

Toofan aye per phuppo nahi ayein

If you are a desi you know what I am talking about. Phuppo is our mobile BBC who not only brings you the breaking news but woos you in a ‘casual’ conversation and 2 hours later you become the new breaking news!

Full disclaimer: I love both my phuppos and that’s that. (Because writer bhi insaan hai bro)

You are not allowed to ‘grow up’

Here lies the conflict. You are expected to grow up and take your responsibilities and baron ka kaha seriously. but you are not allowed to think you are a grown-up. Hence “baron k beach meh baat nhe karte” even when you are in your 20s to “bari hogai ho samjhdari ki batein Kiya karo” in your teenage is no big deal.

Hamare middle-class parents bhi hamare middle-class grandparents see yehi sunte arahe hein.

In conclusion if you are middle-class, my boat is bigger than your boat wala competition is not valid because we all are in same boat. Also while playing Ludo please don’t damage the board because lockdown meh no one will let you go buy another (telling from a very depressing personal experience).


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