Michael Jackson's nephew thanks Pakistan for its hospitality!

Michael Jackson’s nephew thanks Pakistan for its hospitality!

jaafar jackson in pakistan

Jaafar Jackson thanks Pakistani’s for showing hospitality, says that he loved his stay in Pakistan. Zeeshan Shah – A businessman has been trying his best to bring foreign business.

Jaafar Jackson is an emerging star, showcasing his talents with his songwriting skills and his love for entertainment. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, US. Nephew of Michael Jackson and second-born to Jermaine Jackson, the star has talent in his genes.

However, Jaafar Jackson got his fame boosted from his single called “Got Me Singing” which showcases his talents on his vocals. Enhancing his music style, Jaafar is one of the kind.

The young artist, Jaafar, at the age of 23 appreciated the love he got from his fans. He furthermore described how caring and loving people of Pakistan really are. He enjoyed his stay in Pakistan, though some bloggers did try to have fun with him with their need to make him speak Urdu.

Michael Jacksons nephew Jaafer Jackson Stay At Pakistan!

Jaafer Jackson

Source: Facebook

Jaafer Jackson is currently visiting Pakistan with Zeeshan Shah. Zeeshan being one of the board members of China-Pakistan Investment Corporation leading property developer in Gwadar.

Furthermore, both; Zeeshan and Jaafar visited government officials and visited several fans. Jaafer has said to resemble his uncle; the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Which gives him an edge over other celebrities.

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However, it is good to see Pakistan opening up to international artists and we wish we could have some more. We wouldn’t mind Ed Sheeran or Adele visiting Pakistan, right?

I just hope our dreams come true!

Zeeshan Shah, The Ambassador!

Zeeshan Shah is a renowned Businessman who works his ways from Pakistan through England. With his offices located in London, NewYork, Dubai, and Karachi. Zeeshan is a self-made businessman who worked his way to the top.

Furthermore, Zeeshan came to England as a broke guy and worked hard enough to become what he is now. Zeeshan owns a multi-million-pound business and is always looking forward to bring more and more foreigners to Pakistan.

Zeeshan is a perfect example of how hard work can make you win the best of both worlds. We hope he continues the positive work and more artists enjoy their stay in Pakistan.

In my personal opinion, Zeeshan Shah is doing a great job. Opening Pakistan to new business opportunities and with his business experience, let’s hope a live concert of the young artist soon!

Zeeshan Shah

Source: One Investment

Pakistan is a loving country with generous people is something the international media needs to start promoting. And I bet Jaafer’s stay and review might’ve bumped up our image on the international media.

Zeeshan Shah might not be our real ambassador but he really is doing a good job portraying our positive side in the international media.

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