Miandad Slams Private Schools For Charging Fee From Parents During Crisis

Miandad Slams Private Schools For Charging Fee From Parents During Crisis

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Former Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad has condemned the behavior of private schools which he termed ‘inhumane’ amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

In a video, doing rounds on Twitter, Miandad said at a time when the country is going through a crisis and the economy is going down, these schools were charging fees from their students. Miandad also showed his resistance over school offering a 20 percent discount in fees.

“Why even 20 percent discount. You shouldn’t be charging any fees in this crisis. Private schools have already made millions of rupees that they can easily bear expenses or pay salaries from their own accounts,” he said.

He further added, “People in this country are dying with hunger and you are offering a 20 percent discount to them? Education institutes can help the country during this crisis as they have earned a lot in good times.”

Miandad also requested the government to take private schools under the government’s control.


We cannot agree more with Miandad. Recently, Pakistani students have been complaining about the quality of education has gone down ever since the lockdown imposed in the country. The online education system in Pakistan is not being effective so far.

Many social media campaigns and outrage have been launched to stop online classes. Higher Education Commission (HEC) seems to neglect the issue despite several complaints. They have addressed the issue several times but couldn’t come up with any solution.

Miandad’s growing interest in social issues

Miandad is quite vocal on social media these days. He has been sharing his thoughts regarding social matters in Pakistan. He has also shown his love towards his fellow cricketer and now Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan. In a video, he also assured the nation that PM Imran was not selfish and would bring change in the country.


Miandad‘s growing interest in Pakistan politics and social issues is quite surprising as well as appreciable. He has been discussing politics, sports, social issues and religion through social media and his Youtube channel.

We hope that every person in this country shows their concern towards the betterment of society.


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