Adult Star Mia Khalifa Shares Her #TransformationTuesday Picture And People Are Like “Oh, Teri Khair!!”

The very well-known ex-adultstar Mia Khalifa, now a sports broadcaster has recently shared an old picture of herself on her Instagram page and everyone’s losing their chill. Let’s admit the fact that secretly some of us, at one point have idealized having a physique like hers and let’s also not ignore the fact that guys too drool over her curves…

Why is everyone going wild about it?

It’s because her old picture shows how bulky and chubby she was before compared to what she’s now. Along with her old picture, she also shared an after picture in bikini sports attire revealing her perfect curves with a hashtag ‘TransformationTuesday’.

The reason for sharing this is quite obvious as she’s now a working as a sports broadcaster and she wants to inspire those who dream of having the perfect model-like physique and are willing to, or are going through the process of transforming their bodies, aiming for their goals.

Here’s the photo that has driven everyone bonkers over it:

Source- Instagram


 Along with her picture, she wrote how much of an effort and hard work she had to put in to achieving this body and further added that it wasn’t good genes nor young metabolism that made her that way, rather it was done by hitting the gym hard 5 days a week, eating healthy and balancing her diet in such a way that made her guilt free.

Here’s what she had exactly quoted on her post:

Here goes my #transformationtuesday: Life is about balance. For me, it’s balancing my passion and love for food with my health. People ask me all the time how I eat so much and stay skinny – IT HASN’T ALWAYS BEEN THAY WAY AND IT TAKES A SHIT TON OF FUCKING WORK. It’s not “good genes,” or a “young metabolism.” Its 5 days grinding in the gym every fucking week so I can go on a guilt free culinary excursion every few months and be able to drown my protein in a creamy morel sauce without looking like an offensive tackle for the Washington Redskins. Anyways, the point is, work hard, and eat carbs.

Here’s the reaction of her fans on her post:


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