Tired Of Drifting Issues? Then Here Are The Best Methods To Fix Controller Drift Issues

How many of you know that Playstation and Xbox controllers have one similar issue that every pure gamer faces? Yes! One issue that can ruin your whole gameplay experience and increases the frustration in you.

Every gamer out there can feel the main when their precious controller gets the drift issue and then you have to throw it away because not everyone believes in repairing it.

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There are several reasons behind controller drift and once it occurs then you cannot play any game. No matter how many dollars you spend on a controller or you get the best controller for gaming at one point the drifting issue will come and you have to do something about it.

But before jumping into the solution, there might be newcomers in the console world, who aren’t aware of or are drifting issues and it would be unfair to not let them about it briefly.

What Is Controller Drift?

Controller drift issue isn’t something that occurs in one controller, although this issue is mostly found in DualShock 4 controller after using it for years, XBOX controllers also started facing drift issues and people even claimed Microsoft for making unworthy low-quality controller.

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Now, what is controller drift, if your character or camera moves in any other direction without your command means you are not touching the controller analog stick, but still the character is moving.

This happens majorly in old used controllers, but some might have even witnessed in the brand new ones which they had bought a few months back.

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If you buy from abroad then there’s no issue you can claim it from Sony’s store or Microsoft depends which brand controller has drift issue. But if you don’t want to do that every single time and want to have a proper solution to fix the drift issue once and for all.

Then what you should do about it? That’s interesting because on the internet there are tons of solutions, answers to it. As mentioned, most of the people reinvest in a new controller instead of repairing it in way less amount than the new one.

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But among those hundreds of methods, which one is the best and reliable? Will save your time with it and going to explain every worth utilizing method for both Xbox and PlayStation controller.

How To Solve Xbox Controller Drift Issue?

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Xbox drift issue when appeared, people didn’t expect it because Xbox is one of the most reliable and strong controllers.

But when the drift issues occurred people got frustrated, but you don’t have to anymore. Because here are some of the most utilized methods you can use to fix your Xbox controller once and for all.

Alcohol or Spray clean:

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First go with the easy method, isopropyl alcohol to a cotton swab. Then move on around the analog stick. If a drift issue occurs when you move it downwards then clean it at that point. After that move the sticks and recheck them.

You have to be careful while cleaning the drift thumbstick and do it properly that the alcohol gets in the corner of it.

Deep Clean

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Deep clean is something where you need to tear apart your controller and clean it. In this process, you might need professional assist or follow each step wisely.

Open your controller with a pry tool and T-8 or T-9 safety Torx. Don’t use any sharp object to open the controller, once your controller is dissembled check your drift thumbstick is it placed properly or if there are any particles left.

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If the thumbsticks feel loose, remove them and replace them with one once and for all. After that resemble it and test it.

That’s how you can fix your major drift issue, but if you feel like cleaning things should be done by a pro then go for it. Because it won’t cost that much compare to buying a new one.

How to Fix PlayStation Controller Drift Issue?

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Now comes to the most sold console worldwide PlayStation who also has drift issues. Although in the beginning, it occurred in PS4 Dualshock, recently Dual Sense 5 controller also has drift issues and people thought drift issue eliminated by the developers.

So, to eliminate drift issues from your life here are the methods.

Reset Your Controller

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One of the common methods when it comes to the PS controller drift issues is to reset the controller because it solves a lot of problems no doubt.

Clean the Analog Stick

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Here you need to follow the same procedure compare to the Xbox controller. You need to clean the analog stick with the cotton swab but first, you need to open the controller and do it. If that works out, then don’t need to go beyond that.

Pull up and Blow

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Another verified method to get rid of drift is to pull that particular analog stick from the direction it’s drifting and blow in that area to clear the particles. This might work and solve the issue for sure.

Press it and Roll it

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Now another method that worked for some people. Press your analog sticks for 30 seconds exactly and then move it five times clockwise and then anti-clockwise. Then press it again, this method surely worked for many of the users.

Controller drift issue is very common nowadays, because of the competitive gaming and high intensity of it. But that doesn’t mean within few months drift issue occurs, this situation mostly occurs in PlayStation controllers compare to Xbox one.

Xbox one does get drift issues, but not very frequently, and works longer than PlayStation controllers. So, if you are stuck with a drift issue try one of these methods and get rid of it to enjoy a better gaming experience.

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