This Is An Unusual Yet Popular Method Of Schooling That Has Taken Over Pakistan

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Schooling is an important part of civilized human life. As far back as ancient Rome, ancient Greece, ancient China and ancient India, humans have been sending their offspring to learned men for their training and development. This human tradition is not only timeless but also exists across geographies, cultures. It’s one of those things that all humans have, and is a distinctive quality of humans over other animals. Its importance is undeniable.

However, the methods and styles of schooling and training have been as different and diverse as timeless and uniform has been the tradition of schooling. In the modern day too, after decades of research in education theory, many schooling methods exist. But it all can be broadly categorized into two categories.

  1. Home-based schooling
  2. Institution based schooling

1. Home-Based Schooling


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This type of education has become surprisingly popular. Homeschooling is home based learning, customized to suit your child and family. In homeschooling, children can be taught in a park, zoo, home or any place according to the feasibility. In homeschooling, a child can have a flexible schedule for lunch, break or different timings of studying as per what suits the child and family.

Homeschooling doesn’t have to look like school taught at home nor do you have to follow a schedule. It ensures a family the learning of their child and freedom in guiding the child in the way they or the child itself wants to. A child can be taught from any book or multiple books for any course and can give as much time as they want to any subject.


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Home Schooling allows individualized education, which ensures that a child receives appropriate attention which can help him learn fast in much lesser time. Parents can also know about the interests of a child and then they can plan subjects and syllabus of child accordingly. Homeschooling also allows a child to visit the places from where he can learn the culture or working of the organizations according to his/her interest.

A very big concern with homeschooling in Pakistan is that people feel that they’re not educated enough to teach their children. What they must realize, that at least as far as middle school is concerned, teachers teaching their children are also not the experts of their fields. Besides, after primary education, if subject expertise is required, private tutors can be hired. The huge fees that people pay to tuition centers despite sending their kids to expensive schools and colleges equal the fees expert students can be paid who are a few years senior to their kids.

Institution Based Schooling


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Institution based schooling provides an environment for learning under the guidance of teachers and school management which follows a strict schedule of classes, courses, exams and timings of teaching. There are a number of students taught by an individual teacher for each subject, so each student has to follow the pace of teacher regardless of he/she is quick or slow learner.

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In institution based schooling, the qualification of teachers and course content varies from school to school.
Institution based students not only learn from teachers but also from class fellows which can include negative things like abusive language, stubborn behavior etc. but can also  contribute positively by increasing communication skills of the child. There are a pre-defined number of years which child has to spend in junior/middle school so that he/she is eligible for high school.



The education of children in plays a vital role in building a healthy society. In a metropolitan cities of Pakistan, there are a very few number of people who can afford to send their children to send to any reputable school but numerous people are living below the poverty line and cannot afford their children to send to any school.

Middle-class families send their children to a school where the level of education is unsatisfactory. Apart from not providing education to a child due to poverty through school or providing unsatisfactory education, parents have another method to provide education to their children at home, i.e. homeschooling. With a little bit of effort, parents can provide better education to their children than those schools in the city. This will put our country on the path to be a better place. The literacy rate will rise and society will witness an overall positive change.

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