Meta to Incorporate European Data: To Train its Artificial Intelligence Model

Meta to Incorporate European Data To Train its Artificial Intelligence Model

Social media platform Meta will train language-based AI Llama using European data. It is pertinent to note that Meta will only use data that users will allow (public).

Meta’s policy for Europe is in line with the rest of the world. Meta is facing a backlash from European groups, like NYOB (None of your business). NYOB has filed complaints across Europe, saying Meta’s notification was insufficient, citing EU’s privacy rules. Meta is required to opt-in consent from the users.

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NYOB believes that Meta should seek consent for using public data.

In an interview in September, a senior executive from Meta emphasized that the data used to train its language-based AI does not involve private posts and messages.

Meta, however, till April 2024, was not sure about its Llama program policy for Europe.

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