Meta is Expanding its Paid Verification Program To Business Accounts

Meta is Expanding its Paid Verification Program To Business Accounts

Businesses on Meta platforms will soon be able to purchase a blue tick to get exclusive features and support.

At an event today, CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned the expansion. Earlier this year, the company announced Meta Verified for creators, a $12 per month subscription that gives creators a blue check and access to tools like priority customer help and impersonation protection. Businesses can buy verification on Facebook or Instagram for $22 a month or $35 for both – an increase over creator pricing that runs from $12 to $15. Testing on Facebook and Instagram will begin in the coming weeks, with WhatsApp to follow.

Meta Paid Verified to Business Accounts

Paying companies will get similar perks as creators, including account security features and help with troubleshooting. Verified businesses will also get greater visibility in search results on Facebook and Instagram. Businesses on WhatsApp will be able to create a landing page that’s discoverable through web search and have the ability to have multiple workers chat with and respond to customers.

Meta’s initial move into paid verification followed changes at Elon Musk’s X, formerly known as Twitter., where paying users were able to buy a blue check for a monthly fee. The paid X subscription quickly spiraled out of control as users impersonated brands, celebrities, and even the pope using identical verified blue check marks. Earlier this month, X rolled out the option to prove paid users through a government ID, saying users could receive “additional benefits” in the future if they choose to do so. Meta-verification for businesses will require businesses to meet certain activity and security standards, and the person applying must prove their connection to the company.

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