“Meray Dost, Meray Yaar” A New Musical Drama That Will Take You On A Nostalgic Trip!

candi meray dost meray yaar

There are some interesting times ahead in the world of entertainment in Pakistan. Over the past few years, Pakistani cinema and its media industry have finally picked up the pace. We are now seeing a plethora of engaging and entertaining content coming out from the Pakistani entertainment industry. With the ban on Indian content and the nation itself relentlessly trying to show its true image to the rest of the world, times couldn’t be better for our very own to come to the limelight. Our story today tells the exact tale of a few dreamers trying to cross unchartered territories for the sake of entertainment. And we couldn’t be more pleased.

Pakistan’s first musical drama is coming soon:

Well, you heard it right. We all have grooved to the incredibility of this genre. The musical masterpieces like la-la land and Les Miserables are still fresh in our minds. Pakistani’s have a very strong bond with music. Enriched with the talent that we have, we can surely sense something great is coming. Titled “Meray Dost Meray Yaar” this emotional ride would be a mini-series. Comprised of 7 episodes that will be aired on leading channels across Pakistan. The show is being made by Pakistan’s favorite biscuit Candi.

candi meray dost meray yaar

Playing on the themes of nostalgia and college life. This is exactly the kind of refresher we all needed and that is not all. To bring that young vibe to the series the casting choice is also very interesting. The leading cast includes the very youthful Asim Azhar and the very beautiful Syra Shehroz. Supported by the very entertaining Haroon Shahid and the rising talent Hamza Tariq Jameel.

meray dost meray yaar


More about Candi Meray Dost Meray Yaar:

The series will be helmed by the very talented Murtaza Chaudhary at the director’s chair. We sure are in for this great prospect of a Tv show. With the music being composed by Abbas Ali Khan stay tuned for this melodious magic to take us on a journey. Literally!

candi meray dost meray yaar

The casting and the crew already have got our hopes up. We all know the credentials of Asim Azhar as a singer and how mesmerizing his songs are. This part literally fits his persona. But what we don’t know is that Haroon Shahid and Hamza Jamil also have a very good singing voice. This is the perfect package, isn’t it?

Just imagine finally something for our youth to connect to. We cannot wait to tune up and groove to the songs as we take a trip down the memory lane. Or just live it!

Here’s a teaser of the much-awaited Candi Meray Dost Meray Yaar”:


The show is being produced by Candi, Pakistan’s favorite biscuit. So be sure to find some of Candi’s khaas mithaas as the main essence of the show. The melodramatic teaser surely is giving us some youthful vibes. We all have been there, we all have lived through the ups and downs of college life.

The series will explore the most complex years of our lives. We are sure that we are going to experience some seriously relatable situations throughout the series. Along with the touch of music added to the balance, we are confident that this is going to be an enlightening experience. And of course, with the sweetness of Candi to the mix, the show is surely going to a leave a mark.

Pakistan’s cinema and its media industry are going through a very important phase right now. We are experiencing a kind of transition period. A period where we are currently evolving for the better.

There is a need now, for good content and production values. This sudden shift in paradigm is now encouraging a lot of aspiring storytellers to come forward and take a chance. We all know that Pakistan is truly a land of great potential.

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